Royal Mess

Antony sat down his book. He felt like history was repeating itself, and he had no one to guide him. How had his grandfather managed to save their people the last time the number of females dipped to low numbers? Even true psychics were becoming few and far between.

"What do I do?" he asked aloud.

"Well for one you can stop sulking and come hunting with me" erik said walking in "you haven't eaten tonight yet and sunrise is in a few hours " he said in a stern tone

"Erik, I am not in the mood for another lecture," Antony replied. "I have enough to sustain me in the basement. I wish to be alone with my thoughts."

"Your thoughts are the problem, you need a break besides I wish to speak with you, not only as my prince but as my brother" he said

Antony's eyes shot to his second and said, "It must be serious to call me your brother. Fine. Let us hunt."

He nodded and they left. They went maybe a few miles away before coming to the small village to hunt. It didn't take long for them to find their meal but erik found himself craving something more delicious then anything here or better yet a certain someone. He had to stop himself from reaching for her. He would wait until she called for him. After they fed they took a stroll in the near by woods, taking the path that headed towards their favorite mountain spring "remember a few days ago you sent me to put our brother to rest and I told you while I was away I wished to check on my sanctuary?" He asked as they walked

"Yes," said Antony. "The bear population had grown dangerously low from game hunting. You wanted to bring back their numbers and had heard that three new cubs had been born. What came of your visit?"

His walking slowed "a miracle " he said in a soft tone filled with such intense emotion

Antony halted his footsteps and looked at his friend. He looked him over before a smile that in no way reached his eyes lit up Antony's face.

"Congratulations, my friend," the prince said.

He took his hand in a firm shake "thank you" he said. He knew he was going to ask why she wasn't here "yes she is claimed but she rejected me" he said beating him to the punch

"I see," Antony said. "You were never one to wait when it came to important matters. Perhaps get to know her as a person before you take the next step."

"The only step left is her conversion, everything else has been done" erik said in a non chalant tone. Unable to realize what was wrong with that statement"and besides I already know her, I started looking into her mind the moment I knew she was my lifemate "

"And she had all the facts?" Antony asked. "You told her what the binding meant and how the conversion works? It was strictly her choice and you had a clear head?"

Erik's steps slowed "I did in a way it just kind of happened and then she asked some questions but I was distracted so it was hard to concentrate....." He sighed and cursed in Romanian " I did it didn't I....after all the advice I gave Lucian when he did what he did and all the times we discussed what we would do and our plans if we found them , I still messed up" he said in a defeated tone

"No, you got overwhelmed," said Antony, clapping a hand on his back. "I doubt I would fair any better. Tomorrow, offer apologies. It doesn't have to be in person, but so that she understands you were not the one in control. Now, the sun is rising. We should find a place to go to ground."

"Overwhelmed is a understatement" he said in a serious tone "I figured we could sleep under the spring tonight like old times" he said though he looked lost in thought

"It would be nice to have happier memories playing instead of the crisis we are facing. Very well. Think you can remember the way?"

Erik knew Antony was trying to joke with him, but his voice lacked the proper inflection, showing how far the prince had gone.

"Of course , i wouldn't forget places that are important" Erik said "in fact id even bet i could get there before you" He said with a challenge in his tone

"Are..." Antony asked, any shock hidden by the lack of emotion. "Are you teasing me? You haven't done that since we were children."

Erik paused for a moment like he was thinking "I guess i am it happened so naturally I didn't notice" he looked at him "everything is still a bit overwhelming still " he said "Though it wont mean anything to you i have missed you brother, you forget how it feels to live the longer you are numb "

"Then, let's hope others are as lucky as you are," Antony said. "Though, it is good to see my brother back."

"I know those words dont reach your heart but i will take them" he said "now try to keep up" erik said and bolted off in the direction of the spring. A few moments later they were there, Anthony of course one , he was older and stronger, not by much but enough to still beat him by almost a minute. After talking a little longer, they both went into the earth under the spring and slept a healing sleep.

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