Evening after

The first thing Fianna noticed was a sweet yet woodsy smell. The next was something hard wrapped around her and lastly the soreness in her body. Every inch of her was sore. The memories of what happened suddenly filled her head and her eyes looked open as her heart slammed into her chest and she was filled with panic and fear and a bunch of other emotions. She was staring at a large chest that she was pressed up against. She went to move and pull away from him but she was unable to escape the iron grip. Yet, he wasn't hurting her.

"Did you know you talk in your sleep?" Erik asked, his voice still a little tired. "It's adorable, ma petite."

His voice sound even more rugged waking up "let go" she said in a low but serious tone

"Is this what you truly want?" he asked.

She was instantly frustrated that there was a part of her that didn't want that but the part of her that felt she needed her questions answered and a moment to breath and think did mean it "yes ....and no but I suspect you already know how I feel..." She said in a uncomfortable tone

He gave her a small smile, though it didn't reach his eyes, and said, "You are breathing just fine, Fianna. Ask your questions and I will answer them to the best of my abilities."

She sat up when he released her , she covered her self instantly with the blank and stood up putting distance between them "what are you? how can you read my mind? what do you want from me? How are you controlling me?" She asked in a rushed tone

"I am a Carpathian," Erik said, sitting up but not bothering to cover his modesty. "Like you, I have special abilities, with mind reading being just one of them. I want nothing from you, but I need everything, and it is a need, ma petite. Lastly, I am not controlling you. I would never do something so vile to my lifemate."

"lifemate?" She asked "And what's a Carpathian? what other abilities do you have?" She said holding the blanket tighter as her cheeks flushed at his body and she looked away embarrassed and how her body reacted to him.

He used two fingers to make her look at him. It added to her blush, not only because of how hot it was, but also because of the heat in his eyes.

"The other half of my soul," he said, his voice husky. "I am a preditor, just as you have figured out, but you are the safest person in the world. It is you that saved me. As for my abilities, they are too numerous to say now and will overwhelm you if I tell you all at once. But I can read minds, tell when someone is feeling something, heal wounds, and communicate with animals. Once you are more comfortable, I will tell you more. I do not want you to become frightened."

She took a step back from him not liking how he was making her body feel. It instantly reached to him in every way. sight, smell touch, all her senses were to focused on him for her liking Im already afraid....you have to be controlling me i would have never....with a stranger...a non human stranger i know nothing about. For years i didnt allow anyone to touch me" She said looking at er feet as her thought swarmed her and she tried to remain calm "being like i am already takes so much from me, i cant have a normal life" She said in a low tone "Ive been practicing so hard to be normal...yet you took away one of the only things i thought i could have one day, something normal" She said with a sigh "You had no right to touch me, I was waiting for love and you..."

Erik sighed and said, "I could no more help binding our souls together than you can organizing your living space. It was a compulsion, but one I suffered from, not you. I know I cannot convince you that I am not controlling you, you must see it for yourself, but I would never harm you in such a way. And, if you must have a human courtship, then, allow me to take you to dinner. You have the night off after you fainted."

She shook her head not feeling like she was getting the answers she needed "your being very vague" She said "I still dont understand whats going on or what you are..binding souls? like literally?"

"Yes. For my people, it is a sacred ritual. Like marriage but mo-"

There was a little more sting behind this slap like she was slightly stronger. He felt her anger and pain he was causing her, he felt her need to want to run and her thinking he was a monster or was lying yet their bond was confusing her. She felt trapped but more then that he could feel how she didnt want any of this to be real and he felt her trying to go numb

"I do not understand," he said. "Why are you upset? Do you not feel how our souls are connected? The rightness of it?"

She gave him a look of disgust and disbelief "stay away from me" She said backing away even further. this time he knew she meant it "Your a monster you just take and do whatever you want, you rape me ad bond me to you without any consideration to me"

"That's not what I did, Fianna! I would not have done anything if you had told me no, if you said to stop! I could no more help the binding ritual than you could breathing! But if you want to see a monster, then I can show you if you want to know what monsters lay hidden in the night!"

His yelling caught her of guard, and she saw a glimpse of what looked like fangs in his mouth. Fear grew in her chest and she felt her back hit the wall "I couldn't say no..." she said in a more timid done "please don't hurt me....just leave I wont tell anyone about you I swear"

"I can not hurt you," he said after he took a breath. "You are the safest person in the world. It is you that cages the demon in me, Fianna. But, I will go. Should you need me, you need only think it and I will aid in whatever fashion necessary." He dressed in the manner of human so as not to alarm her but stopped before he left the room. "Organic fruits and vegetables only. Drink plenty of juice. I do not wish to see you suffer this night."

With that, he left and it felt like a part of her had went with him.

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