Dream walking

She walked in a daze and speechless and she tried to comprehend what happened on the train. She made it to the taxi and got in. Once in she felt almost instantly exhausted, emotionally and physically. She closed her eyes at the pain in her head. She had never had to use so much of her ability before. She felt drained and sick yet all that kept going around in her head was that man. His voice, his smell, his touch. She tried so hard to stop thinking feeling betrayed by her mind and her body.

After she got to the sanctuary she was shown to her room. She was told it was shared housing but when she go to the room she found herself in a fully furnished suite by herself. When she asked about it they told it was a last minute change. Normally she would question it but she needed sleep. That night all she dreamt about was the man on the train.
Three days later

Fianna made her way to the directors office. This was her first time meeting him since he had been away on business

"Welcome, miss!" he said. "I'm glad to finally meet you! " Said the old man with a smile. She shook his head quickly " I'm glad to be here" she replied. She really was but she was still struggling with dreams of that man even though she tried desperately to not think about him at all. Not until she could get her books that were coming in the male. Over the years she had collected books on the supernatural as a way to get to know herself or maybe just for hope there were others like her. She looked at the man who continued talking "I hope you got a lot of good rest this weekend cause your about to be very busy" he said with a smile "good" she replied. "I'll personally give you a tour but first id like to introduce you to our biggest contributor is here. Who happened to stop by this evening" He turned. "Mr. Daratrazanoff, this is the newest member of our team, Ms. Fianna Shepherd."

Her breath caught in her throat as the man from the train walked towards her, saying, "Ah, so I now have a name to the face." He looked at the director. "We met on the way here."

"I see, well, I hope your encounter was a good one."

"One I shall never forget."

"You got to be shitting me" she said without thinking " I mean I'm sorry please excuse me for a moment " she said "ok...hurry back id ill take you both on the tour " said the director.

Once outside the room she took a breath waiting for her heart to slow down. For so long she has dreamt about coming here and now she felt as it was turning into a nightmare. She felt like crying or kicking his or maybe both yet as much as she tried to ignore it the other part of her was feeling the opposite. She wanted that man. Badly. And that made everything seem even more dangerous. She leaned up against the wall and took another breath. She didn't know how to be close to that man and didn't know how she was going to keep her composure during the tour. But she wanted so badly to be here and to help. She shut off her emotions and came back into the room with a fake smile "sorry about that , it's nice to meet you again Mr Daratransanoff"

For a second, his eyes glowed red before he blinked and they were normal. He shook her hand.

"Likewise, mademoiselle," he said.

He turned and moved to follow the director, who seemed to take on more of a zoo guide than the director of a world-renowned sanctuary director. She tried to pay attention, but Daratrazanoff's eyes never left her. If she had to tell all the romance writers what real claiming was, it would be the way his stare bore into her and the look of hunger in their silver depths.

After the tour they headed back to the main office. The director was talking about the plans for this year when he got pulled away by another staff member leaving them alone in his office. She was already exhausted being around him for as long as she had been . She wasn't looking at him but could still feel his eyes on her. She could feel her strength at its end. Soon she would be able to stay numb. She stood up and without glancing at him she headed towards the door "goodbye Mr dara..."

He moved his arm to block her path, trapping her against the wall as he said, "Call me Erik, ma petite." He brought a strand of her hair to his mouth, kissing if. "Now, what did I say about blocking your emotions from me?"

Her eyes widened as her emotions slammed back into her along with his. Hers were nothing compared to his. A little yelp escaped her mouth by how intense his were. But more then that it was very clear and undeniable that he was defiantly not human. He felt more like a predator animal to her then human and she was defiantly prey. She knew what it felt like to be hunted by wild animals and large predators but what worried her more was this felt more like a male hunting a mate and not prey "how....what are you?" she asked. She had so many questions but it was so hard to think with him this close. God the thoughts she was having embarrassed her, she should be scared right now but all she could think about is how much she needed and wanted him to touch her and not in a gentle way either

He grunted, his head going to her shoulder. Probably not the best idea, because her scent made his mouth water and nearly threw his control out the window.

"Fianna," he gasped, "those thoughts... I will make each one come true one day, but not right now. But mon Dieu, you are not making this easy."

With that, he cupped the back of her neck and brought her mouth to his, pressing against her body so that she felt the imprint of his desire on her stomach through their clothes. A growl escaped him and he deepened the kiss. His tongue played along her bottom lip, demanding entrance to get a real taste of her.

All her thoughts went out the window when he kissed her. All her questions all her fear. It was all replaced by this deep hunger that she had never felt before. her hands ran up his back under his jacket and over his shirt. God this man was all muscle. Her body melted into his, she was helpless. When his tongue invaded her mouth a soft moan escaped her

That's it, ma petite, his voice said her head. Open up for me. Accept being mine. Let me see everything.

Hearing his voice in her head was a invasion she had not expected, it startled her only for a moment because his grip on her tightened. making heat rush through her and taking her thoughts with her. She was being consumed by him, she knew it and god help her she didnt care which frightened her even more. She was no match for him, one thing she knew for sure now was her fate was sealed. she could feel it, whoever this man was she would never escape him and whatever he wanted from her he was going to take.

He kissed down her jaw to her neck, saying between nibbles, "I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care."

On the last word, he bit down and she screamed, the pleasure coursing through her sending her over the edge and he hadn't even touched her in the way her body begged for. Taking his nail, he cut a line across his chest, his now open due to her wayward hands. He pulled her head to his toned muscles as blood welled up.

"Drink from me, ma petite amour," he said breathlessly.

Her body reacted to his request, She couldn't even stand if it wasn't for him pinning her against him let a lot hold a thought. Her lips covered the scratch taking him in. To her all she knew was something warm and sweet was filling her mouth as he distanced her from the act. The moment they were bonded Erik felt his emotions heighten to a point the were unstable and about to overtake him. Just as he felt himself about to completely lose control she passed out in his arms, and he felt in control again. Just as his emotions went back to normal. He heard the manager coming just as he regained his senses.

Erik cleaned them both up and fixed his shirt. He laid her on the table so that when the manager came in, it would appear that she had fainted. Her skin was pale enough for it to be a convincing lie. He feared he had taken too much but the blush to her cheeks told him her body was still on fire from what they had done. He hadn't even had time to lay with her yet and she was already to receptive to his touch.

"What happened?!" the director asked.

"I think she has been working hard," said Erik. "Give her the rest of the day and all of tomorrow off."

"Yes, yes, of course!" he said " should we call a ambu...."

Erik held up his hand "no need just tell me where her room is and I take her there"

he said. having to mentally influence the man. At least the director was a decent man still. He would have insisted on the ambulance and wouldn't have told Erik where her room was.

"of course, it in the suite like you requested" he said. Erik nodded and picked her up and headed that way.

He entered the room and barely registered it as he set her on the bed. He moved her hair from her face before exploring the place she dwelled. It was a room any animal lover would feel comfortable in.

"What are you doing to me, ma petite?" he asked aloud to himself.

The room smelled like her vanilla perfume and her sweet skin. H could tell she had some ocd habits. Everything was by size and categories, everything had a place, and the room was completely set up and it had only been three days since she got here which means she probably couldn't rest until it was done. Her style was earthy which suit her pale skin and red hair. She moved in the bed with a soft groan. Her shirt rising up exposing her soft flat stomach

He moved to the bed and began to kiss stomach, lifting her shirt. Wake, ma petite. Wake needing me as much as I need you. There was no compulsion, not mind manipulation. Just pure hunger and desire and lust as his tongue played over her skin.

She exhaled with a soft moan as he felt her start to wake up. Once more he felt his emotions start to grow more intense. The more she awakened the stronger they became. His hunger for her became starvation, His lust became almost unbearable and animalistic.

He kissed up her body, his hand trailing up her leg as all fabric melted from their bodies. She could feel his impressive length along her thigh, teasing her from where she wanted it, where it needed to be.

"Tell me I can have you," he said against the swell of her breast.

Her nails gripped his shoulders as he body trembled against his. She felt high in a intense way. His skin felt hot to her, threatening to burn her alive. She had never seen such a man then again he wasn't a man was he. No he was not. He body was built to perfection in a warrior kind of way. His face held no flaws. In comparison she felt not only flawed but unworthy. Why did she feel this way about a stranger yet he didn't feel like a stranger. Not anymore. The confusion she was feeling melted away when his lips brushed a spot on her neck. It was so sensitive where he kissed. She arched under him and grasped "please..." She began but was cut off when he slammed into her, unable to wait a moment longer. He began moving in and out of her hard, fast, and rough. His hands moved over her body so that every nerve ending sent ecstasy throughout her body. He wrapped his arms around her so that she was flush against him, her breasts playing over his toned chest. He bit into her shoulder, more to keep himself from flying away than to pin her in the submissive. Even when she began to squeeze around him, he didn't stop the pace he had set. He needed more of her.

-Eight hours later-

He didn't know how much time had passed, all he knew is the sun would be up soon he was not stopping yet. This time she was on her stomach as he pinned her hands above her head. He had , had her every which way already and had tasted every part of her and yes he still showed no signs of stopping. Her body was covered in marks from his roughness and love bites. He had bit her for the pleasure but made sure not to take any blood from her to keep himself away from the temptation to change her. The only time he had stopped was to feed her and make sure she drank water but even then he was still touching her if not inside her. She was way passed exhaustion and yet her body was more then alive at his touch. Her whole body was shaking with soreness and sensitivity. She cried out as she came again her breathing unevern

He finally let her go, moving to lay next to her and hold her to him. He waved his hand to shut the heavy curtains, seeing Fianna was already falling asleep.

"How can someone so small hold so much power?" he asked, his hand running over her arm. "Do you realize how amazing you are for being burdened with me? That alone makes you special, Fianna."

She couldn't move or speak let alone think at the moment. She felt to weak to do anything but fall asleep. Once she was asleep he felt a shift in him. The storm inside him subsided and his emotions became less heightened. It was only then that logic cand sense came back to him

He looked over her body and cursed himself. Bruises and marks ran up and down her body and there was evidence that he had all but stolen her innocence in the heat of the moment. He began licking over her body. When she moaned, he held her still.

"I'm just healing you, ma petite," he said. "I'll ask nothing else of you this day."

She couldn't open her eyes and she didn't know what he was doing, all she knew was it felt good in a different way. The tension and soreness in her body start to feel better and yet her body also grew hotter with each touch even though she was to exhausted to even move her body still came alive for him. When he licked up her spine lightening went through her and straight to her wet groin and her heart slammed in her chest. She wanted him to do it again but still didn't have the energy to speak.

His hands played up her leg when he felt ridges that should not have been there. When he look at her thighs, he noticed signs of self-harm. When he looked, he found more on her wrists. He returned to them after he was done healing her, kissing each one, worshiping them for the strength that it took to not go farther, to not leave him before he found her.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there," he said against her skin. "But I will protect you from this day forth."

His words shouldn't have met much to her but his emotions behind them forced their way straight to her heart catching her off guard "what....are you" she said in a hoarse tone before sleep took her

"Sleep, ma petite," he said, using his abilities to ensure she didn't wake all day. "We will talk later."

After securing her quarters, he held her tenderly and sent himself sleep as well.

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