Fianna couldn't believe how beautiful the buildings were here. She had travelled a little for work, but this was her first time in Romania. She couldn't wait to get the sanctuary. Libearty Sanctuary is a bear sanctuary located near Brasov, Romania. It is home to over a hundred brown bears that were rescued from miserable living conditions and abuse in captivity. The sanctuary is spread over an area of sixty-nine hectares of coniferous forests and oak forests with trees where bears climb, and pools where bears splash. It is recognized by many specialists as the most ethical sanctuary in the world. It had been a long-time dream for her to go there and here she was on her way. She excitedly got on the train that would take her the rest of the way. When she got to her seat she smiled, for more than one reason. One she loved riding on trains and two she was the only one beside a sleeping gentleman in the back that was in this section of the train. She wasn't a fan of crowds, it was to overstimulating. She watched the sun go down as the train started to move. She leaned her head against the window and smiled softly. She looked up at the sky searching for the moon, she could not see it yet which was slightly disappointing. She decided to try and get some rest before she got there. A forty-five-minute nap sounded like a wonderful escape form the jet lag. Slowly her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep.
Erik kept the heavy jacket over him. Even with being out of the sun, it still hurt to have his eyes open. At the last stop, he heard someone get on. A scent played over him. He strained to hear anything from the woman as he waited for the sun to set. He had been called to overlook the Sanctuary he funded and the newest expansion and observation station in his family's name. Yet, now, every fiber of his being was trying to hear anything from the other passenger.
The door to the train cart open, waking Fianna up. Her head was a little sore form the window. She stretched as a woman with a cart full of snacks and beverages came down the aisle "Doriți o băutură sau o gustare? would you like a drink or snack?" the woman asked in Romanian. Fiana didnt know much Romanian yet. But she guessed she was asking if she wanted something. She smiled and nodded and looked at the cart. Luckily the prices for everything were showing. She pointed to a desert bread and a water. As the woman gathered them she got out the money and handed it to her as she handed her the items " Vă mulțumesc- Thank you" Fianna said in a soft tone hoping she pronounced it right

The woman smiled and moved on. However, she didn't bother stopping at the other passenger to ask if he wanted anything. Fianna stiffened as she suddenly felt a rush of emotions hit her out of nowhere. She looked behind her and locked eyes with the man roles behind her who had been sleeping. His silver eyes bore into Fianna, as if he were trying to see into her soul. Something about him screamed dangerous and yet, she knew she would be safe with the stranger.

Heat ran up her spine as all kinds of different emotions slammed into her coming from the strange man. Her breathing quickened and she was slammed with his strong emotions. She couldn't see the rest of his face only his eyes, but it was more then enough. She had never felt such feelings from another person and that was saying something. Most people don't have such strong emotions unless in certain circumstances and even then, not alike this. It was overwhelming. Heat rushed to her face as well as other parts of her for reasons she didnt understand. She forced herself to break eye contact. She stood up quickly and started to make her way towards the bathroom. She felt like she couldn't breath. It wa slike she was feeling every emotion there was to feel to the highest extent and like her body was on fire, like it had been dead and now it's come back alive and every inch of her was tingling.

As she went to move past him, his hand shot out and took hold of hers. His hold was unbreakable but gentle and sent lightning through her veins.

"Vorbește din nou," he said, his voice rough and sending shivers straight to her core.

She couldnt believe he was able to touch her, she hated being touched , it always made everything worse. The emotions were overwhelming but for the first time she found herself want more, like she wanted to be consumed by this man. When he spoke she didnt understand what he said but she could feel what he needed, and he did need it not just want. But what he needed scared her enough to come back to her senses a little more. He wanted her. Yet she felt herself being consumed by his touch, her body felt like it was not her own and somehow she had lost her voice and wanted nothing more then to hear his again. She couldn't anymore the difference between her emotions or his. She had worked so hard to control her powers and yet he she was being consumed by this stranger "please....I cant take anymore" She said not caring if he didn't understand

"It's alright, peu d'amour," he said, trying to control the colors and emotions. "I feel your distress. Sit. Talk to me."

He just needed her voice playing over him, through him. He wanted to claim her then and there, but he could wait. He had lasted hundreds of years, what was a few moments more?

His voice undid her, it ran over her, claiming her mind and body unlike anything she had ever felt. She didnt understand this extreme need she was feeling only that it was him, all of him. Her breath escaped her as her body reacted without thought. Effortlessly she slipped into his lap. Her arms coming up and wrapping around his neck. Closer, she needed closer, she needed it like she needed air. She leaned in and almost like she had done it a thousand time she found his lips with hers.

He growled, his hand bunching in her silken hair. With great effort, he pulled back.

"Not yet, mon amour," he said. "I feel your mind is racing." He pulled his emotions back, freeing her from them. "You must consent fully, not because-"

the slap she delivered a crossed his face echoed the train cart. She stood up so quickly she almost fell but caught herself. Her hand covered her mouth as shock and fear filled her eyes. She was so confused. She felt almost tainted. She should be relieved she was coming to her senses, yet she felt angry and hurt and lost that she didn't fell him anymore. This wasn't ok, she decided right then this man as dangerous. She took a step back she had questions yet she needed to get away from him. Yet why was it so hard to leave.

He didn't react to the slap. If anything, he found it comical. He stood and pulled her to him, looking over the hand that had struck him.

"You are lucky," he said. "You didn't break this delicate appendage." His hand then moved to brush her cheek. "Tell me what is wrong, ma petite."

His voice again sent shivers through her, she pulled her hand away in Panick as he went to touch her "Dont! dont touch me" she said backing away "i....stay away from me" She said forcing herself to rush back to her eat to grab her bag. She needed to get as far away from this man as she could

She turned and he was right next to her. "You are scared. You feel this too. The draw... the heat... the need..."

She jumped wondering for a brief second how he moved so fast "how...stop..just stop talking and leave me alone" as she said it though it felt like a lie, like thats not what she really wanted which made her even more scared and confused. " I dont know who or what you are but just...."

"I am yours and you are mine," he said, his voice like a growl. "Everything else will come later."

His words angered and confused her yet she believed him "I...." She began when a voice rang on the intercom speaking in Romanian, letting everyone know they were about to arrive at their stop. She was done with whatever this was. She closed off her emotions like she had practiced making herself go numb and turned to walk away without another word

"Don't!" he ordered, a shadow filling the carriage. "Do not hid your emotions from me!"

She should have been scared that he knew what she had done, or at the anger came off of him in waves. Instead, she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning. She stopped and gripped the seat to hold herself up and pressed her legs together. A strong arm suddenly wrapped around her waist, making her feel even smaller then she was and freeze. She felt his lips near her ear and his hard body pressed firmly to her. She knew predators when she felt one and this man was defiantly and predator and not of the humankind. There was something very animalistic about him that both terrified her and excited her.

"I see you, ma petite," he whispered in her ear. "All of you. As much as your thoughts... entice me, I will not feast on you yet. Make no mistake. You. Are. Mine."

The growl at the end was almost her undoing when the doors opened. He moved back, her body suddenly cold.

"Run while you can, little rabbit," he said, almost taunting. "I will come back for you soon."

Then, he left the train, disappearing into the night.

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