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The Weird, Wild West

The American West was a wild time, but in our tale it's weird as well! A posse on the plains might be tracking a werewolf just as much as they would be some desperado. The marvels of the new age aren't just trains, but air carriages and velocipedes. There's rumors that the fastest gunslingers hav ... More...

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Created : Feb 28, 2020

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Gamers Unite!

You are a game character from any various game in the past or present. Life has been continuous loop of repetition for as long as you can remember. To make it more complicated the addition of the Internet only added to number of games to compete with. Some games died off and some were brought bac ... More...

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Created : Mar 24, 2020

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Maelstrom takes place in a steampunk setting where a precious resource called Flagesium powers the remaining bastions of humanity. As far as anyone knows, most humans either live in one of two cities, the floating utopia of Elesium, or the smoggy city below, Dusk. Flagesium is acquired from a great ... More...

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Created : Mar 2, 2018

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