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USS Pathfinder logo

USS Pathfinder

These are the voyages of the USS Pathfinder. A refitted starship ready to embark on a new mission of exploration to the uncharted "Nether Vanir" sector of the galaxy. The Pathfinder is taking on new crew after a mysterious event left its previous crew all dead. ... More...

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Characters : 2

Created : Dec 6, 2019

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Star Trek: Task Force Cadmus logo

Star Trek: Task Force Cadmus

The adventures of a cross-discipline trouble-shooting team, Task Force Cadmus, located at Deep Space 5 near the Typhon Expanse. Currently Full, but will advertise if new slots open. ... More...

Members : 10

Characters : 18

Created : Jul 19, 2019

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USS Endeavor (NCC-9819) logo

USS Endeavor (NCC-9819)

This is the role play for The Simming Endeavor game show that is currently airing on the Ongoing Worlds blog. ... More...

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Characters : 14

Created : Aug 24, 2019

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The Sisters of Duras logo

The Sisters of Duras

In the TNG episode "Firstborn", it was discovered that Lursa, the eldest sister of the House of Duras, was pregnant with a male child. How did she become pregnant? Who was the father? This story explores that. ... More...

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Created : Oct 11, 2019

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Lets Dance in the Pale Red Shadowrun Moonlight logo

Lets Dance in the Pale Red Shadowrun Moonlight

Lets Dance in the Pale Red Shadowrun Moonlight This game will be HomeBrew (Shadowrun 4th ED Core, & Augment, Aresnal, Companion Book) & d20 Shadowrun Core. I will use some things here or there from the Following d20 Systems. D20 Modern, d20 Future, d20 cyberspace, d20 D&D, d20 CyberPunk. D20 Dune ... More...

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Created : Apr 20, 2019