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Tripping The Rift

This is based on a parody that uses theme based ideas from other movies like Star Wars and Star Trek. The general setting is that known space is politically divided between two superpowers: The Confederation (led by Humans, and a parody of the Federation from Star Trek) In contrast, the Confeder ... More...

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Characters : 23

Created : Aug 25, 2018

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Star Trek: Defiance

Two years have passed since the Federation managed to reclaim Earth and the rest of the Alpha Quadrant from The Borg. With the help of the recently established Changeling Protectorate which replaced the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant, the future is looking bright. New ships are being built, new area ... More...

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Characters : 44

Created : Aug 6, 2017

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Trillius Prime II: Legacy of Life logo

Trillius Prime II: Legacy of Life The wave that changed everything... Sequel to Trillius Prime, beginning a few months after it. Set in the early 2400s in the post-Voyager, Star Trek Online era. Semi-closed/invite only. ... More...

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Created : Oct 13, 2017

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The Sky Dwellers

Multi-fandom (main Star Trek & Airborn) AU where the Federation's Sky Fleet of airships is global and powerful on a future earth, connecting the settlements on the ground with the floating cities including the glorious nation of Atlantis where Iconians and Terrans live alongside the Atlanteans. Othe ... More...

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Created : Dec 28, 2017