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This is an experiment on writing practice using prompts. Each week, I will post three random words and the idea is to incorporate them into a quote, scene, or short dialogue exchange. Context isn't required but feel free to add it if you want. Think of this as snippets of someone's life or a film ... More...

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Created : Mar 14, 2022

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USS Yonada, NX1009

Star Trek TOS, based on the premise that the UFP and Star Fleet have negotiated use of the Fabrini Asteroid Ship from The Original Series, for use as "Mobile Star Base". The Star Fleet International Chapter, the "Hecate Battle Group" is thus now Based out is the recently Commissioned: "USS Yonada ... More...

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Star Trek USS Perception

These are the voyages, into the neutral zone and around the galaxies. ... More...

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Created : Jan 19, 2023

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Blackbird Fleet

It'll contain both Legends and Canon and willing to do something fun. ... More...

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Created : Aug 10, 2022