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Star Trek: Defiance logo

Star Trek: Defiance

The Federation stands at the edge of oblivion. The Borg have overrun Federation space, forcing the last remnants of Starfleet to retreat to the Gamma Quadrant in a desperate attempt to put more space between them and the Borg. However, new and old enemies await the desperate souls now in charge of S ... More...

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Created : Aug 6, 2017

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Trillius Prime II: Legacy of Life logo

Trillius Prime II: Legacy of Life The wave that changed everything... Sequel to Trillius Prime, beginning a few months after it. Set in the early 2400s in the post-Voyager, Star Trek Online era. Semi-closed/invite only. ... More...

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Created : Oct 13, 2017

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Star Civs: Death of an Empire logo

Star Civs: Death of an Empire

Star Civs is a story-based rpg where your character is an entire civilization, set in a distant, galaxy-spanning future based on Earth's 19th and early 20th centuries, when various different nations vied for power and to build great empires. The ancient superpower of the Milky Way is weak and vulner ... More...

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Created : Aug 27, 2017

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The Sky Dwellers

Multi-fandom (main Star Trek & Airborn) AU where the Federation's Sky Fleet of airships is global and powerful on a future earth, connecting the settlements on the ground with the floating cities including the glorious nation of Atlantis where Iconians and Terrans live alongside the Atlanteans. Othe ... More...

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Created : Dec 28, 2017