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Angry Borgs

TNG AU parody/spoof/uffer nonsense A certain adorable little Borg Drone returns to the Enterprise from what everyone thought was a suicide mission. Now he's got a bone to pick with the captain who sent him on it. He may be small, but don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry. ... More...

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Created : Aug 9, 2016

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Star Trek

Come play Star Trek how you'd like to play. You can play as a Captain of a ship, or command a star-base. You can be a diplomat, bar tender or both. You can play any trek race and post as often or as little as you'd like. There are only two rules: 1. Do not write something that will impact anothe ... More...

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Created : Feb 11, 2017

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Universal Expanse

In the distant future long after man has left his ancestral home, Humanity has forged an existence amidst the stars and their inhabitants. Governments and kingdoms rise and fall, wars are won and lost, alliances are forged and broken, worlds are explored, discoveries are made. ... More...

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Created : Feb 3, 2017

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The Doctor's Companions

A reboot of a somewhat-old roleplay. Crossover between Doctor Who and Star Trek. Open to all! ... More...

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Created : Nov 30, 2016

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A New Recruit

Alternate ending to "I, Borg". Hugh decides to stay on the Enterprise with Geordi and even wants to join the crew. How will the other crew members react to this. Will he be accepted into Starfleet and allowed to join the crew? What will missions be like with a Borg around now? Because one thing is c ... More...

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Created : Aug 15, 2016

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USS Equinox

2388. The USS Equinox-A is a ship that manifests the limitless possibilities of timeless exploration. We encourage all players to create characters that allow them to explore their creativity and uniqueness while challenging them to broaden their understanding of the universe as a whole. Charact ... More...

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Created : Aug 6, 2016

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Trillius Prime Please read the rules (under Game Information) along with the previous posts before joining, in order to continue the story in keeping with our established canons :) Setting: Life on the beautiful Trill homeworld of Star Trek, in approximately the DS ... More...

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Created : Dec 1, 2015

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Star Trek: Borg Cooperative

OCs welcome. Also, once you join the game, I can give you any of the canon characters listed. An AU where Hugh and his group of liberated Borg were actually in a bloody war against Lore and his Borg when Riker and Worf show up in "Descent". What became of Hugh and his Cooperative after Lore's dea ... More...

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Created : Aug 14, 2016

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Indigo Infinity

Hi There... This is a basic RPG (Roleplaying) game till I can make it better.. Indigo Infinity is based in a planet much like earth where Science and Nature have grown together to make one amazing planet.. The main area's are currently: Indigo Anarea: (In Indigo Satarea) A city that used t ... More...

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Created : Jun 27, 2015

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Star Trek: Victory

The Federation is in chaos. Starfleet is shattered. Enemies are at the gates. In an era of unprecedented chaos, it's up to the crew of one ship to boldly go where no one has gone before. Star Trek: Victory is a continuation of a story began in Star Trek: Eternity. Featuring a new crew and a ... More...

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Created : Dec 8, 2014

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Core Ultimatum

Core Ultimatum is A futuristic SciFi RP. It takes place in a universe entirely of our own making. There are planets and aliens to discover, systems to rule, and galaxies unnumbered to explore, ships to fly, and battles to fight. the only limit is the limit of your creativity and imagination. Ple ... More...

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Created : Mar 12, 2016