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Mutants Arise logo

Mutants Arise

At the end of World War II, high level Nazis escaped Germany to South America. There they established the secretive Fourth Reich. However, they were forced to go underground as many leaders were being rounded up and put on trial for war crimes. Welcome to modern times. Erik Mueller has become POT ... More...

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Created : Dec 29, 2016

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Heroes Association logo

Heroes Association

Join the Heroes Association in the Alternate Reality of One-Punch Man. Become a Rank D, C, B, A, Or S-Class Hero and save the City from Monsters and Villains - or become those Town Wrecking Monsters and Interesting Super Villains yourself! Pick up a Hero-like name and let's start fighting! ... More...

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Created : Feb 7, 2016

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Magic Agents logo

Magic Agents

(Harry Potter Meets James Bond) In the world of Science and Technology, Magic and Magicians exist under the shadows of modern society. You are a Magic Agent and your primary objective is to keep the peace in the world, to protect your nation from being attacked by foreign magicians with ill in ... More...

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Created : Jul 1, 2016

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Shameless (unscripted) logo

Shameless (unscripted)

Meet the Irish American family the Gallagher's. Fiona, the eldest daughter, takes the role of parent to her five brothers and sisters. Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam as they fix there alcoholic father Franks messes and deal with life in the South Side getto of Chicago. Fiona balances her life and ... More...

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Created : Feb 6, 2017

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Biohazard logo


8 years... That's how long it was. 8 years ago, a cure for cancer was being developed;X-116. Unfortunately, it didn't work. After tweaking the formula, it only escalated from there. It did more than what it was intended. 8 years ago, everything about modern life shut down. Airports closed i ... More...

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Created : Feb 7, 2017

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Innocent Stars logo

Innocent Stars

Year 2099 Years of technological innovation has given rise to a new form of entertainment; bits of code, called 'Proxies', A.I. integrated into a persons device, used either as companions, helpers, or 'battlers' in a new eSport called 'iWarrior'. As the new year and new century pass, the Prox ... More...

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Created : Jan 15, 2017

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Infinity Field logo

Mobile Suit Gundam: Infinity Field

What Is a Mobile Suit? It is a walking bi-pedal mech weapon that was originally meant for surviving the hostilities of space, but militaries across the world found a better use for them on the front lines of battlefields as one Mobile suit had the power of an entire company of soldiers and armor ... More...

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Created : Jan 4, 2017

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Power Rangers: Morphin' Time logo

Power Rangers: Morphin' Time

Mastodon! Pterodactyl! Triceratops! Sabertooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers morph on. Set in the time of the original five Rangers, the five teenagers with attitude continue to fight the powers of evil with their strength, wit and mighty Megazord! The chance is your ... More...

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Characters : 12

Created : Oct 26, 2016

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Academy for Super Humans logo

Academy for Super Humans

With the rise of super humans appearing around the world, many of them going down the path and destroying with their powers. Many do this because they haven't been shown the right path to good and how to properly control their powers. So, one man decided to bring together a staff and recruit young o ... More...

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Created : Jan 22, 2017

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Society of Broken Glass logo

Society of Broken Glass

This game takes place on a version of Earth where magic is real, and has been used for millions of years. The military doesn't use guns, but combat magic. Potions and rituals are used instead of medication. Enchanted objects serve the public. Mostly everything's different in our world. This game ... More...

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Created : Jun 2, 2016

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Mages VS Priests logo

Mages VS Priests

Year 30XX. An era of flying cars, particle energy, and cybernetic implants. There are those who are called Magicians; who carry the will and spirit of the lost mages in ancient times. They preserve their traditions and guide the moving world with their powers in the shadows ... More...

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Created : Nov 10, 2016

Watchmen: 2020 logo

Watchmen: 2020

When the peacekeeping forces of the world were snuffed out by an elderly Ozymandias, a crime wave engulfed the planet. Now, a new breed of crime-fighting vigilantes have surfaced to revive the Watchmen legacy and turn the tide against chaos. Set in a rebuilt New York City, Watchmen: 2020 will ... More...

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Created : Dec 11, 2016

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In Love and War (A Game for Those Who Can't Post Regularly) logo

In Love and War (A Game for Those Who Can't Post Regularly)

War has broken out and the nations we once knew no longer exist. All that's left are ruins of once great cities. But new fractions have risen from the ashes. Not surprising, all factories that create weapons are highly guarded, better than even Fort Knox! The weak are also protected, but not for a n ... More...

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Created : Jan 16, 2017

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The Sandbox logo

The Sandbox

Test game so I can learn to run GURPS as a GM. I'm giving you an island 700,000 square acres (think the state of Rhode Island) to play with first. Make any kind of character you want. Guidelines: - We will be using GURPSLite until I feel it's time to expand - Must return to a designated 'H ... More...

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Created : Feb 15, 2017

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There's no place like home logo

There's no place like home

In the middle of the woods there an there is a metal hospital for trundled children. However no healing is happening at this hospital. The staf are all agenst you and doctors conducted crowl exsperiments. The choice for patents are to escape or brake and go insane. You can play as a patent, doctor, ... More...

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Characters : 2

Created : Jun 19, 2016

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The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy logo

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

This takes place after the first movie and is loosely based on the show. After the Vogon Constructor Fleet was disabled by Marvin who infected them with his manic depressing mood several pirates have come out of the woodwork to cause trouble. Through a series of unfortunate events alien hitchhikers ... More...

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Characters : 14

Created : Aug 26, 2016

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New World Order logo

New World Order

In an alternate universe man came from being the dominant species on the planet to an endangered species. In a world of human survivors, mutants, magic, werewolves, vampires, alien races, mythical deities, angels, demons, superheroes, super villains and yes... Zombies!! A new age has dawned. Be w ... More...

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Created : Dec 22, 2016

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The Arrangement logo

The Arrangement

You laughed when they told you. You scoffed, and told them it wasn't the dark ages. When they didn't show any indication they were joking, you probably stared in disbelief. This couldn't be happening. They couldn't make you. This was unbelievable. Insane. Unethical. A plethora of other adjectives. ... More...

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Created : Dec 16, 2016

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The Ring: Samara's Revenge logo

The Ring: Samara's Revenge

Samara is not done yet. She has come into the 21st Century. People don't watch an old VHS anymore. Unmarked Blu-ray disks and DVDs have made their way into the unsuspecting public. You have just found one and your curiosity got the better of you. You watched the video and received the call. You have ... More...

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Characters : 4

Created : Feb 8, 2017

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Ride or die logo

Ride or die

Alex always hated her small town life but stuck it out for her beat friend. She dreamed of leaving and living a life of careful what you wish for!! Now she on the run with her best friend and her crazy brother. Who will u be in this story? Another member of their group? The law? Ir j ... More...

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Created : Jul 15, 2016

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