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OW Community Platform

The OW Community Platform is not a game like the others. Instead, this "game" is a place where the people that make up the Ongoing Worlds Community can design games together and learn more about each other. This particular platform has the advantage of not requiring anyone to make an additional ac ... More...

Members : 87

Characters : 94

Created : Jan 31, 2018

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My So Called Life

"My So Called Life" is a Slice of Life game that takes place in Prep school called Sakura High School (home of the Blue Falcons), in the city of Katz, California. The city of Katz is not to far from the coast and is a common spot for beach parties. It is told from the perspective of some of the st ... More...

Members : 6

Characters : 56

Created : Jul 15, 2020

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The Old World (version 3.0)

All myths are true and an international organization known as the Hunters kill monsters. ... More...

Members : 4

Characters : 12

Created : Feb 10, 2021

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Crystal waters

Welcom to the tow of crystal waters a small town in the Midwest. Your welcome to stay her travel the world witch ever you wish. (This is a private game all refuting to join will be denied) ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 10

Created : Jan 13, 2021

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As you and a group of your friends are walking home you take a shortcut through a construction sight. Suddenly a ship comes from out if the sky and crashes. You go to check on whoever it ia in the ship and you see a blue horselike alien with a scorpian tail and stalks on the end of his eyes. He tell ... More...

Members : 1

Characters : 2

Created : Feb 27, 2021

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Dark Generation

Carpathians, are a powerful and ancient race. They have many gifts, including the ability to shape-shift, and extended life spans, living for thousands of years. Though they feed on human blood, they don't kill their human prey, and for the most part live among humans without detection. Despite thei ... More...

Members : 2

Characters : 63

Created : Sep 12, 2017

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Wannabe Heroes

Imagine living in a world where super heroes protected the cities from criminals on a regular basis. Then the criminals decided to declare war on the supers and the poor city people were caught in the crossfire. Sadly the villains won but at a cost. Only a few heroes survived and they were either ... More...

Members : 4

Characters : 18

Created : May 2, 2020

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Avengers: Exodus

Manipulating space and time, Dr. Strange traveled to the past to warn the Avengers of the upcoming Infinity War and more importantly, how it would end in disaster for everyone. In an attempt to prevent Thanos from destroying half the multiverse population, Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) performed a ... More...

Members : 11

Characters : 25

Created : Dec 30, 2018

Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry logo

Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The year is 1983 in America and the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the American magical school in America. It is the American equivalent to Hogwarts from the Harry Potter Series. It was created shortly after the Puritans arrived in Massachusetts. When the new students enter they ... More...

Members : 1

Characters : 29

Created : Nov 27, 2020

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UTF: Untitled Task Force

Welcome to the world of Aereos! A wondrous mix of technology and magic gifted to us by the seven Divine Roses. Majestic creatures roam its forest, the graceful birds dominate its skies, and the sin of the its six races soil its earth. And its your job to fix it. Highly trained and armed to the te ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 3

Created : Dec 14, 2020



Magic systems ... More...

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Created : Feb 18, 2021

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Blank ... More...

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Created : Dec 19, 2020