Harper and Timber

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Timber’s eyes brightened at meeting a new person. Harper was pretty and seemed athletic. If he were to guess, she was here on scholarship for athletics.

Timber gave Harper a friendly smile, showing off his straight, white teeth. He nodded and held out a hand, taking hers in his and giving it a gentle shake. “It’s nice to meet you, Harper,” Timber replied. “Yes, I’m new. I just got a scholarship to wrestle. I’m from Iowa.”

"Wrestling? I've done some cheerleading for the wrestling team." Harper took a seat next to him as Sam left the two alone. "The school has a really good team." She paused. "So, how are you liking Cali.? I mean minus what happened tonight.”

"I am, though my main sport is really gymnastics." Harper explained.

The beach party?, "Yes, I'll be there. The beach here is great. Especially since the school has their own private one." She wasn't sure if Timber knew that or not, it did tend to be a selling point for the school.

He couldn’t remember if anyone told him of the private beach or not. He was tired with the adrenaline wearing off, which is why he drank coffee.

“That I didn’t know,” he admitted. “Cheerleading and gymnastics! Both are very athletic. I’m impressed. What’s your best event?”

"That's where the party will be, as its been rented out for it." As for his second question. "The floor and balance beam," Harper said without hesitation. "How long have you been wrestling?”

“Eleven years,” Timber answered. “I’ve gotten more serious in the past five years. I plan on going to the Olympics. Not this year, but maybe four years from now.”

Timber remembered Rose saying earlier that she was in gymnastics. “Rose said earlier that she was in gymnastics. She said she was going to introduce me to some of her friends on the team. Would you happen to be one of them?”

"A fellow future hopeful," Harper stated. "I'm trying out soon for the upcoming Olympics." She pointed to Carter, "Carter also wants to compete at the Olympics, in track and field. There's a few of us around."

Harper nodded, "Yes, I would be one of them. I know a few others that are planning on being there. Maybe, being that Rose will be busy with the party, I can show you the beach area and introduce you to some of the others that will be there.”

“Well,” Timber humbly confessed, “I have to do well at states before I go further. I lost the Iowa state championship match last year.”

Timber confessed to himself that hanging out with Harper at the party wouldn’t be a bad thing. Mel would be busy with Jason he assumed, and Timber wanted to give her time to figure things out. For all he knew, Mel was in love with Jason and hadn’t realized it yet.

“Sure!” Timber accepted the offer. “It sounds like a plan. I look forward to it!”

Harper smiled at Timber, "Sounds good." She knew nothing about what was going on with him and Mel or not going on. Besides, it was just hanging out, maybe a chance to get to know him better.

"So, I guess I should warn you," Harper began, "There were a few students at the club. My roommate filled me in on what happened. Soooo, don't be surprised if it's all over the school tomorrow. It's a small school, news travels fast.”

Timber grimaced. He hadn’t thought of that. Maybe, with him not being known by most students, they wouldn’t know him to spread information about him. He was worried though about Mel and Conner.

“Hopefully,” Conner’s face flushed red, “they will choose not to spread news as terrible as that. I’m certain Mel and Conner don't want this to be glorified.”

"Unfortunately, some people at the school live for gossip. It doesn't matter what the gossip is or how much of it is true." Harper expected some of the stories to be exaggerated. "But I hope, in this case, I'm wrong.”

Timber was familiar with gossip. He was, after all, from a small town.

“Well,” Timber stated, “if anyone spreads any untruth, I’ll let them know a thing or two. The only way to fight gossip is with truth.”

He turned his attention back to Harper. “What do you do to train?”

Harper could only nod, it wasn’t easy to stop or halt gossip.

"I run, usually I use the track, or the cross country track. I also swim, the school has several pools so one's always available for laps." She thought for a moment. "I also do dance class at the school. I do have a personal coach. I lucked out as I managed to get one of her few scholarships.”

She certainly trained as if she wanted to be an Olympian. Timber realized there was a reason Harper appeared well toned.

“We both want the Olympics,” Timber observed. “Perhaps we could do some training together. If I help you get there this year, you’ll need to help me get there in four.” Timber paused to see her reaction. “Deal?”

Harper was surprised by his offer. "That sounds good. Sure." She paused, "What do you know about gymnastics?”

Timber raised his brows as he confessed, “Absolutely nothing! But if you tell me which muscles need strengthening, I can help you there. Also…endurance…I can help with endurance. I think you might need that in the floor exercises.” Timber gave a thoughtful look, then asked, “Right?”

"Yes, endurance, flexibility, strength really all of it. I can definitely let you know about the muscles. I try to alternate my workouts so they get worked on eventually." Harper spotted Kaylee arriving back in the waiting area. "I have to give something to Kaylee but I will see you tomorrow. I have a private gymnastics lesson tomorrow morning, but we could start working out together on Sunday, if you want.”

Timber smiled and nodded. “Sure thing! I look forward to having a motivational partner.” He chuckled and watched as she walked toward Kaylee.

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