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Summary: Outgoing, friendly, adventurous, musically inclined chef in the making.

Kaylee Auclair

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Gender: Female

Age: 14

Group: Freshman Students


American/Canadian dual citizenship



Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Rich Kid

Physical Appearance

Brunette hair, blue eyes. She is about 5'3" with a slender but nice build.

Personality and interests

Kaylee loves music, like her brother. She has a really good voice and plays mostly plays the violin but can also play the piano. She also plays the drums, a little. She also loves to cook and bake and is extremely good at both and has a dream of becoming a top chef and opening her own restaurant. She is athletic and not really afraid of much so she is a cheerleader and into surfing, skiing/skiboarding, and skateboarding.

Kaylee is outgoing, friendly, and nice. She is overall just a fun person to be around. She has an adventurous side that goes from being willing to try new food to trying new sports.


Born to Jacque and Emily outside of Welland, in the Niagra Pennisula of Canada. Her mother was an American Citizen from California and his father had been raised in Canada at a vineyard and winery his family-owned but had immigrated to the US to start his own vineyard in the area of California known as wine country. Like her brother, the couple had been in Canada, visiting Jacque's family, when Emily went into labor.

Being that Kaylee's mother is an American citizen, his father is a dual citizen and Kaylee was born in Canada she ended up with dual citizenship.

Growing up Kaylee was surrounded by his parent's vineyard and winery and learned the business from a young age. Unlike her brother though she gained more of an interest in spending time with the family cook and in the kitchen. Her parents let her take private cooking and baking lessons.

Kaylee has an older brother, Matthew, who is a Junior at Sakura. Kaylee got to visit family in France and travel through Europe last summer.

Favourite Sayings

"I want to try that."

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Image of Kaylee Auclair
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