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Dante took a seat in one of the chairs stretching his long legs out. Sort of like a cat. Letting out a long yawn.

Mel also noticed that Timber had come back in and was a little relieved she hadn't scared him off, but she went over to Dante, "Hi," She started. "Do you want to visit Conner, when we get a chance?" She really didn't know what to say about what had happened tonight and assumed he had been filled in.

Dawn and Zander arrived back in the room and looked around. They were updated on Conner but hearing he could have visitors, made them glance at each other. Dr. Williams wanted to speak to them so the twins took time to do that.

"If he wants to see me I guess." Dante said, "I just came because people were worried. I probably wouldn't have even heard about it unless someone told me.”

Timber helped himself to a cup of black coffee. Dr. Williams took note of him and realized she should process things with him. Since he had the stress of a recent transition across several states, this would add to it.

She casually approached Timber and offered, “Timber? Or do you prefer Timber?”

“Timber,” he said, “and definitely not Timmy,” he chuckled.

“I’m Dr. Williams, the school counselors,” she said. “Could we talk?”

Timber shrugged, replying, “Sure.”

Doctor Williams led Timber to a private spot and began to process the incident. Timber was open and honest with his thoughts and feelings concerning the incident and its aftermath.

Mel nodded to Dante. "My parents are flying in tomorrow. I'm pressing charges against Doug, so, hopefully he'll be locked away somewhere for a while." She hadn't really had the opportunity to say that. Mel knew Doug's parents had money to buy good lawyers but maybe things would work out.

Sam and Heath were drinking coffee and talking with some people. They were debating about the party for Heath, it seemed weird to throw it in the wake of all this. Their reaction to the "engagement" was one of surprise then realization that it wasn't real. Heath squeezed Sam's hand, a lot had gone on with them tonight, they were determined to stay together.

Zander and Dawn had finished with Dr. Williams and found their way to their significant others while everyone waited.

When Timber had finished with Dr. Williams, he was glad he talked with her. She had a calming effect, which eased Timber’s spirits even more than the talk with Rose.

Dr. Williams offered to speak to Timber’s parents in the morning. She would explain that Timber connected with the right students on campus. She would also explain that she would personally work with Timber if he were in need.

Miss Williams recognized that Timber was anxious to make decisions on his own, but also recognized the parents would need to have input in the big decisions. Being at Sakura gave Timber that opportunity. It also gave Timber the option of building his own identity outside of his twin brother.

Dr. Williams thanked Timber and told him when he needed to sort things out to come see her. Timber’s agreed and thanked a doctor, who then sought the next student she could help.

Heath hadn't been at lunch or the Battle of the Bands when most others had met Timber, so he and Sam walked over to the newcomer.

Sam, who had met Timber at lunch, introduced the two. "Hey Timber. I wanted you two to meet. Timber this is Heath, my other 1/2. Heath meet Timber.”

Timber was looking around for Mel when Sam and Heath approached him, just as he saw Mel with Dante. Timber took the offered hand and returned, “Good to meet you, Heath. A friend of Sam’s is a friend of mine. I’ve been outside and with Dr. Williams for quite a while. How is Conner doing?

"We've not seen him, yet." Sam responded, "But the doctors said he's going to be fine, the bullet hit his outer thigh. They're allowing 4 people at a time to see him. Right now Kaylee, Matt, JD and Rose went to see him."

Heath added, "Conner's pretty tough. He will need to be off his feet for a while. I suppose it's not the best timing for me to leave." He wasn't Conner's roommate but could help if he was there.

“Yeah,” Timber agreed. “That’s got to be a tough feeling.”

Timber remembered Rose’s invitation to the beach party for Heath. He wasn’t sure if Heath knew about it, so he didn’t mention it.

“So,” he continued, “I’ve heard you got a good offer back east?”

"Yeah, it's a pretty prestigious art school. I had applied last year, when I didn't hear from them I figured I just hadn't gotten in. Didn't expect them to tell me I was accepted so long after my application went in." Heath explained. "But it's NY, so where I'm from and I'll be near my family again.”

Meanwhile Jack was trying to ignore everyone as he sipped his coffee while stuck sitting between Ashley and Roxy. Next to Ashley was Blossom then Carter was next to her. After consoling Blossom Ashley pulled out her phone and she began texting. Jack tried to ignore Ashley as he looked away and saw Roxy texting as well. Since he didn't want to be involved he minded his own business and thought about nothing. Then his Zen moment was broken by the vibration of his phone going off. He rolled his eyes up and pulled out his phone to see who was contacting him. He almost gasped as he looked at the texts from Ashley's dad and his mom. They were very concerned about the whole event with the shooting. Jack's mom was worried for him and relieved that he was safe and uninjured. Jack was confused by how they knew what happened since he never told him. Then he read the text from Ashley's father who was also his Karate instructor. From then on he got a barrage of questions from both of them till he realized Ashley was the reason he had to explain what happened. So after a long dragged out text conversation he got a very confusing response that Ashley's father was booking a flight and heading to the school soon. Jack figured he was concerned about his daughter and was going to complain to the head master. However it made him nervous as he saw the sly grin on Ashley's face as she looked at him before going back to her texting. Jack then nervously drank his coffee.

Dante pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to Jocelyn before returning his attention to Mel. "How you holding up?" He asked

"Alright, I suppose." Mel realized that probably didn't sound overly convincing. "I feel bad that Conner got shot but glad Doug was finally arrested. Still it almost seems surreal." Mel was still kind of shaken up by the whole thing but it was getting better, still it almost seemed as if it had happened to someone else. Mel wished her whole relationship had just been some terrible nightmare but it wasn't.

“I’m glad you are safe,” Timber said to Mel. “Hopefully, they lock him up and throw away the key!”

Even though Timber was new to the group, he had bonded with them tonight. The battle of the bands, the dancing, the banter all made Timber feel like he belonged. He was grateful for the welcome.

Dante nodded. "Yeah, the question is where he got the gun." He said. "He's a rich kid though he probably has connections or a friend had one."

Hearing Timber raised a hand and lowered it "Down a notch man, it's late and sounds carry a lot in places like this they might make us leave if they think we're too high energy."

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