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Summary: Friendly, Science oriented, Changed

Riley Manning

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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Sophomore Students




She is very good at fitting in with whomever she's around. She is good at science and working with animals and wants to some day be a veterinarian or an environmental scientist.

Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Rich Kid

Physical Appearance

Blonde hair though she's died it in the past to black or red. Brown eyes. She's about 5'4".

Personality and interests

Riley has changed a bit over the years. She used to be a perfectionist but now is more go with the flow type. She is very interested in science which is how she met the nerds and got interested in ttrpg. She loves playing all kinds of tabletop games. She enjoys writing poetry but only for herself. She keeps a journal. She is nice but her interests can change, somewhat, depending on her mood.


Riley's parents were both former models turned exercise instructors/personal trainers who run their own fitness studio. From the time Riley was a baby she was forced to be a model. At first, when she was young, it wasn't so bad but as she grew people began to pick on any little flaw. Her parents, especially, being her mother being the worst. She made Riley take all kinds of classes in modeling and acting; thinking her daughter might one day be a star.
One problem, Riley hated it, she just wanted to be a normal kid who had no idea about her future and could do regular kid things, whatever that meant. She would beg her parents to let her go to sleep away camp and they picked a performing arts camp. And while Riley got along with many of the kids there she hated the camp.
Her parents strived for perfection and expected it from their daughter. If she messed up an audition they would claim she did it on purpose and she would be punished. Granted some she did mess up on purpose but not all of them. Punished meant being grounded though which was how she felt her life was anyway.
Her parents found a boarding school for her to attend when she was in high school, she found a different one. Of course, they wanted to send her to a performing art school, she, of course, didn't want to go to it. She, on purpose, messed up the audition.
It was soon after that her Aunt came to visit and noticed a few things wrong and one thing very wrong. She tried to talk to Riley's parents but they were set on their ways. Riley insisted there was nothing wrong but her Aunt wasn't having it. Still, it was hard to tell from a quick visit what was wrong. Her Aunt did get Riley's parents to agree to let her attend Sakura thinking she might be happier there. Her parents, surprisingly, agreed.
Her parents had a few stipulations. She was to be involved in some athletic activity to keep her weight down. She joined cheerleading. She was also supposed to be involved in the theater arts club and take any acting classes she could. Her aunt, as it turns out, lived near by the school and took every chance she could to check in on her niece. As it turns out something was very wrong and it ended up with Riley needing to leave school for several months and then she returned.
When she returned she was less stressed, her Aunt had taken custody of her and her Aunt told her to find what she loved and do that. She became less perfectionsist and more easy going, as she modeled herself after her aunt. She dropped cheerleading and theater arts, though, she does still talk to both groups and found science and her love of animals. She also found the nerds who easily accepted her even if she mostly hangs out with them when gaming. She has friends who stood by her and others not so much but that's fine with her.

Favourite Sayings

"Wow. That's so cute." (Referring to whatever animal she happens to be looking at.)

"It's fine, no one's perfect, right?"

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