Who Lurks

People started filing out of the Battle of The Bands, talk could be overheard regarding the different bands and how well (or not) they did. A good portion of the conversations had to do with “that band at the end” how they were the best. No wonder they won last year and other various compliments.

Mel, Rose, Kaylee, Courtney, Matt, Jason, Carter, Kyle, Dawn, April, Zander and Riley all agreed. While they probably would have voted for Dante's band either way, they were all impressed with just how good they had been.

Doug on the other hand watched the performance with an undercurrent of anger and hate raging inside. If it wasn't for Dante, he wouldn't be in this mess. That was his thought at least.

The boy snuck out before the last song and waited, hidden in his vehicle. Then people started filing out. He spotted the much hated by Doug group,then Jason, then Mel. He noticed a new boy with the group but paid that little mind.

Waiting for Jason and Mel to get into the car, then they took off, unknowingly to anyone with Doug following them.

Mel and Jason pulled into New Legacy, an underage dance club/game place. While it was for the underage 21 set, they tried to keep it more to teens but didn't check id's.

Jason and Mel made their way into the club. Courtney and Matt had gotten there first and snagged two tables for everyone to meet up at. After they sat down and ordered some soda, the four got to talking about nothing in particular while waiting on the others.

Doug sat in his car, hidden from view. His anger and jealousy grew moment by moment. He opened his glove box ….not yet. He needed to wait until they were all there. Then he would find his opportunity.

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