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Summary: A friendly, artistic girl who is hard to truly get to know.

Rose Newhall

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Gender: Female

Age: 15

Group: Sophomore Students




She is a prodigy with Fine Arts, especially drawing and painting. She is also good at Equestrian and gymnastics.

Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Rich Kid. (Old money)

Physical Appearance

Blonde hair
Light blue eyes
Slim though not skinny (she keeps in shape, her build reflects that)

Personality and interests

Horses (English Saddle)

Rose is an introverted extrovert. She enjoys the quiet and having time to herself but due to how she was raised has learned to pretend to be more outgrowing. She's, somewhat, guarded and while she might have several casual friends, really close friends would be more limited. She's over all a nice person just hard to get to truly know.


Rose was born to Edward and Grace Newhall in Long Island NY. The Newhall's are a wealthy family with history of riches that dates back to, at least, the feudal system of England.
Rose was raised a lot by a nanny but always had her older brother, William.
William was five years older than her and the two were very close despite him clearly being their parents favorite (something which he didn't want). He was going to be the heir to Newhall Industries, the company the family has owned for generations.
Rose pretty much grew up either being ignored by her parents or criticized. Not only did they not have much use for a daughter; they don't understand her wanting to be an artist.
When Rose was 4 her nanny enrolled her in art and gymnastics classes. She did well in both but excelled in art to the point that she was consistently being moved to more advanced classes. When she was 7 she was proven to be an art prodigy. At 8 she had her first gallery showing but her parents would only agree if an alias was used. (They didn't want the publicity if the show failed). However, it did well and until the age of 11 the art world loved her work even if they didn't actually know who she was or her age.
At the age of 11; between the gymnastics, equestrian events and the gallery showing it proved to be too much. She was tired and her grades had started slipping. Worse she had lost all inspiration for the art she had once loved. Talking to her brother made her decide to give up the gallery shows.
Things were going well until last winter. She and her brother were both coming home from a ski trip, over the holiday break, when a semi-truck hit a patch of ice and ran into the driver's side of her brother's car. Her brother was killed on impact; Rose spent almost a month in a coma and had injures to her spine and legs. She spent several months in a physical rehab center but has recently returned to school.

Favourite Sayings

"Life crushes the soul. Art reminds you that you have one."

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