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Jp with mdman and Cindy

"I used to be at a different boarding school. I had been there since I was eight. My brother was older than me, he had been there first." She thought for a moment. "My parents were legacies at that school. They were determined to have both my brother and I graduate from there. I didn't really make friends the ones I did have wanted something from me. It wasn't so bad when my brother was there but, he was five years older, and eventually went to college. I started dating a guy, the relationship wasn't good. So, I broke up with said guy. Still this guy kept wanting to get back together, it wasn't Doug level harassment - never to that extreme but it still was harassment. There's more to all of that, but I don't want to get into it." Rose took a breath. "Anyway, my brother, William, convinced my parents to let me change schools. My parents wouldn't have if I had asked but William asked so.... He made them promise to not send me back to the former school or take me out of this school no matter what, unless it was my choice."

Rose got quieter, ""Everything I told you about my brother was true. He was pretty great. He was also the favorite child,a boy to carry on the family name. He truly wanted to be a photographer but agreed to take over the family business. So, while my parents don't have much use for me - he was their "golden child" even if he never wanted that. So, when they promised him that they'd never move me from this school, I knew they wouldn't break that." Her voice shifted, a sort of sadness lingered in it as she told the next part. "My brother and I were involved in a horrific car accident last year. William was killed on impact." Rose swallowed before continuing.

"If you hear rumors about me being gone for the second half of last year, that part is true, the rest of the rumors pretty much aren't. I was in a coma, then in a physical rehab center for months. The group knows, but my parents didn't want a lot of people to know so the rest of the school just likes to make up stuff. So, I am here because I know my parents won't break their word to my brother.”

Timber’s heart sank. He truly felt for her. Placing an arm about her shoulder, Timber voiced sorrow.

“I’m so sorry, Rose!”

JD seemed like a good guy. Timber assumed her heart was good in his hands.

"Thank you," Was all Rose could think to say. "I didn't mean to pile all that on. I miss my brother a lot but things are good here. The group are some of the best people I've ever met. Sam's my bestie - people think we're sisters. And JD and I found each other, - obviously it's no secret how we feel about one another." She paused. "So, did you have any questions about the group? I don't mean anything too personal just in general." She wouldn't divulge anything too personal anyway, but Timber didn't seem like the type to ask.

Timber sat back, dropping his arm from her shoulder and placing it upon his lap. He thought a moment, then asked, “I’ve heard that Jason and Mel are just friends. Is that true?…I mean, do you think I would have a chance?”

Rose looked at Timber and nodded, "Yes, they are just friends. Mel has said she isn't ready for another relationship, yet. I can't really blame her, given what she went through. She wants sometime to just be know not officially dating anyone. Going on dates, yes. Dating- no. If you want a chance with her you are going to need to patient. Not get jealous of she goes out on dates with other guys but also ask her on a date as a casual thing. Don't expect too much. Jason likes her, I won't lie about that but Mel has made him aware of her feelings on the subject and he respects that, and her. You need to put your time in. We all know Jason pretty well, but we are just getting to know you. She is just getting to know you, give her time to do that. So, yes you have a chance." Rose had simply told the truth, but also was beginning to wonder how complicated this could get. "I hope that answered your question.”

She paused, and gave him a moment and a smile then, "And here I was thinking you were going to ask about the different relationships in our group. We do so confuse people.”

“Point noted,” Timber responded to the information on Mel. He’d take his time with Mel. Give her time to heal. Maybe try asking others out on dates to get to know others until Mel was ready. It wouldn’t be the same, just try to develop friendships. He’d have to be upfront about the friendship emphasis. Some girls could be as possessive as Doug.

He’d give it a rest. Timber would take Mel on the date they had arranged and not pressure her. Just have a good time.

For a while, he’d concentrate on wrestling, conditioning, and his studies. That was the main reason he was here. The relationship would come as people grew to know him.

“Well,” Timber announced, “I got Jack’s dilemma. I know Courtney and Matt are together. You and JD. Maybe you can tell me about the others.”

"Certainly," Rose gave a nod. "Let me start with siblings. Matt is Kaylee's older brother. Dawn and Zander are twins, though Zander skipped a grade. Dawn and Zander are also Doug's younger siblings but not at all like him." That relationship was no longer a secret, petty much everyone knew. "Besties, Conner is best friends with both JD and Courtney. Matt and Heath are best friends. Courtney and Mel, seem to be headed that way. Mel and Carter are best friends. Ashley and Blossom. Which leads me to dating stuff." She paused, really the whole group was close but besties were just on another level. "You got Jack's dilemma." She bit back a laugh. "That's a good way of putting it. Courtney and Matt, and myself and JD. Other dating couples are Conner and Kaylee, Sam and Heath, Dawn and April, Zander and Riley, Kyle and Jason, Blossom and Carter. I don't know the official word on Dante and Jocelyn. I'm not sure if anyone does." She ran through the group in her mind to try to not forget anyone. "I know you probably would like dates to things and most of the girls are taken but we are pretty welcoming of anyone who's nice. Oh, you should meet some of my teammates, I'm on the gymnastics team and there's a bunch of very nice single girls on the team." Rose put her hand against her mouth. "Sorry, not meaning to push them on you or anything, just options.”

Timber chuckled at Rose’s last comment. “I don’t look at it as you pushing them off on me. I take it as you looking out for my well-being.”

He breathed in and chuckled some more. “If you think they might like to date a guy like me, I’m open. Just trying to get to know others. Who might they be?”

"I can introduce you to some of them tomorrow." She did have an idea. "We having a going away party for Heath tomorrow at the beach. He's leaving on Sunday. He got into a really prestigious art school. Anyway, you should come. They'll be some girls from the gymnastics team invited, as Sam is also a teammate.”

“Yeah, sure,” Timber affirmed. “I’ll be glad to be there.”

Timber’s curiosity was elevated now. If they were friends of Mel and Rose, they were most likely cool.

While Timber and Rose talked her phone buzzed with a text from Dante "on my way. directions?”

Rose heard her phone buzz, then said to Timber. "Give me a second, it's Dante." She texted back directions to the hospital. "He's on his way." Maybe, with Jocelyn but Rose didn't want to assume.

"So, I know you're a wrestler, what else do you like to do?" Trying to get to know the new boy a little better.

“Wrestling is what got me here,” Timber joked. “I’m pushing myself to one day be in the Olympics.” That was a goal he had set; it was for Tyler, his twin. He would be driven to fulfill it.

“My study emphasis will be computer coding, besides the normal stuff. I have a horse back home. Also, four wheeling is popular in Iowa.”

“What about you?” he asked.

"Horses? I have a horse. Do you do English or Western saddle?" Rose had found some one to talk horses with? There was a definite enthusiasm about that. "I am trying to convince the school they need an equestrian club." She caught herself. "Oh, and Zander and you will probably get along then, he's really into computers as well. Programming, I think." As for the rest. "I'm also really into art, drawing and painting mostly. I want to own my own gallery, eventually. And I love anything Italian. The art, food, culture, language - all of it." She paused. "And New York, because that's where I'm from." She liked California, but once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.

Timber took in Rose’s stature. She was prim, proper. She held herself in that manner. He assumed she may be an English saddle type girl.

“I’m the Western saddle type guy,” he revealed, lifting up a booted foot. “I ride for enjoyment, not competition. I’m not sure how I’d do in the big city. Des Moines is a big city to us,” Timber chuckled.

"That's why I want a club instead of a team. Something people can do to ride for fun or competitions, like two levels or - to be honest I hadn't worked out all the details, but the school also hasn't agreed to it, yet." Rose was holding her phone, "Would you like to see a picture of my horse?"

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