2 Midwesterners and 1 New Yorker

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Before long an old beater of a Crown Vic pulled up, half the panels were from different Vic's, two of the guys that were with Dante on sat in the front and Dante in the back next to him was their light tech. His neck crooked a bit when it came to a full stop Dante unfolded from the back and stretched. The light tech pulled the door closed and Dante slapped the roof before they peeled off. Dante rubbed his neck heading for the door, not seeing Rose and Timber.

Dante didn't see them but Rose saw him, "Dante," she called, for a normally quiet girl, her voice traveled more than probably expected. "Dante," she said again, in case he didn't hear the first one. And then got up to meet him.

"Yes, Doug's been arrested. Doug had a gun and was holding Mel hostage with it. Conner took him down, that's when he got shot. Mel wasn't hurt but she's still a bit shaken." Rose nodded towards Timber, "Timber held Doug until security got there. That's what I was filled in on. Courtney and myself ended up stuck in the bathroom so we didn't see most of what happened." Rose then added. "Conner's going to be alright, the bullet hit the outside of his thigh, so he'll be off his feet for a while.”

Dante sighed with relief. "Good." Dante said. "Hopefully he doesn't get bail...but knowing our legal system and his wealth he might." He rubbed his neck again. "I feel like a dick saying this but I'm glad Nix took Jocelyn back to school early.”

"I think that thought is understandable." Rose meant about Jocelyn. "Doug is a minor, as well, that might play into things. I think what his parents might do really only Dawn and Zander might know, at the moment." Rose certainly had no idea, she did feel bad for Dawn and Zander though. They clearly weren't to blame for how Doug was. "Most everyone else is in a waiting area on the second floor. They were all calling their parents so they didn't worry when the school called, but most should be done by now. You're welcome to sit with us or go inside, your call. I'll be going inside in a few minutes, anyway." Rose explained.

Dante shrugged "I'll call my mom tomorrow...and well we both know my 'dad' won't care so why waste the breath?”

Rose understood that sentiment, "I didn't bother trying my parents, they wouldn't have taken the call anyway. I did leave a message for Reginald, the house manager but don't expect to hear back from him." Rose said, "So, I was just getting some here when I found Timber out here and we started talking." Rose then asked, "So, did you want to sit?" She wasn't sure if Dante was staying out there or going inside but no harm in offering a seat.

Dante shrugged "I'll call my mom tomorrow...and well we both know my 'dad' won't care so why waste the breath?”

Rose understood that sentiment, "I didn't bother trying my parents, they wouldn't have taken the call anyway. I did leave a message for Reginald, the house manager but don't expect to hear back from him." Rose said, "So, was just getting some here when found Timber out here and we started talking." Rose the asked, "So, did you want to sit?" She wasn't sure if Dante was staying out there or going inside but no harm in offering a seat.

Timber was silent until this point, not wanting to interrupt. “Sure, Dante,” he interjected, “have a seat until we get more word. By the way, I thought your band did well tonight.”

"Thanks." Dante said, "My throat is killing me, and it's sort of weird filling in for a band but it was fun.”

Timber observed Dante’s accent since meeting him. Well, to Timber, it wasn’t an accent, almost sounding like the way he spoke.

“So.,” Timber’s curiosity won out, “where in the Midwest are you from?”

"Missouri." Dante said "Northern. Bit less of the..." Dante proceeded to say a sting of redneck nonsense. "Bit easier to hide." He added, "But my mom's from West Virginia near Appalachia. You?”

Rose sat back down and just listened to the other two talk, the only reference she had for the mid-west was - well - she had flown over a number of those states. Chicago - was that mid-west? She had an art show there once. That wasn't the same at all and the girl knew it so she didn't say anything about it.

Timber grinned. “We’re neighbors good buddy,” he jested, speaking like an older midwesterner. “I’m from Fort Dodge, Iowa. The family has been there for quite a while. Pure bred farmers for generations. I may be the first to break that traditional role.”

Dante laughed "You wouldn't know it if you talked to my dad. Really pissed him off that I never phased it out to sound more like him." Dante said, "He was fine with my mom sounding like that but something something it's fine if women sound uneducated bullshit." Dante said clearly channeling his father. "Not that I believe that.”

Timber chuckled. “Ain’t that cattywampus! Now alls I’m sayin’ is my mom would have something to say about that. Don’tcha know, she manages the farm. My dad works it, following her directions because she has a masters in agricultural engineering.”

Timber was having fun rolling on the midwestern talk thick. He looked to Rose, who seemed a little lost. “Sorry Rose! Just having some fun,” he said.

Rose had never heard anyone use the term cattywampus, outside of a book or movie. She though knew what it meant.

"It's fine," Rose waved him off, really a little out of her element but not terribly bad.

"My mom was just a holler kid, grew up got pretty and became a model. Then met my dad who only wanted her for that reason. Despite his accomplishments I'm the best one but then again that's probably personal bias.”

“Believe it or not, Rose,,” Timber explained, “that’s how a lot of folk in the Midwest talk. Rose was about to show me a picture of her horse.”

"Some day, l'll have to throw some New York slang at you, then we'll be even." Rose joked. She really didn't know if Dante wanted or cared much about looking at a picture of her horse, but she was holding her phone so it was easy enough to find. She figured she'd let Dante decide before finding the pic.

Dante leaned in. "My mom adopted one of those..." Dante paused not remembering the word," he squatted putting a hand low. "Micro horse? Back when we were living on "The Ranch", don't let the name fool you though it was that pretty much in name only. Dear old dad trying to seem "down to earth".”

Rose nodded to what Dante said, "I remember the Ranch, and I think that horse." Though it was many years ago, it was in tucked in the back of her mind.

She scrolled through her phone and found a picture of a black Arabian.

"Here that's him," showing the picture to the two boys. "His official name is Midnight Oasis, but I call him Midnight." She loved that horse, and missed him a great deal.

Timber looked at the picture. He was impressed with the stature and muscular features of the horse. Timber thought he help himself much as Rose did, prim and proper.

“He sure is purdy,” Timber said with a warm smile. “Mine is a gray sorrel. Her name is Pale Moon because the hide reminded me of the face of the moon. I mostly call her Moon.”

"Moon sounds like a beautiful mare." Rose doubted Timber's horse was less than three years old, so not a filly but a mare. "I would like to bring Midnight out here, because I'm not home a lot, but it's a long process to get that done.”

Timber’s brows raised at the thought of that undertaking. To bring a horse three thousand miles from coast-to-coast would be nerves wrecking for the horse.

“Moon would be only half that distance,” Timber acknowledged. “I’m not sure I’d want to try it. Of course, the racers travel great distances all the time. I guess it would be okay. I’ve only done short trips with Moon.”

Timber thought of the club Rose was trying to start. “If you want help getting your club started, you can count on my help.”

"It does concern me, how Midnight would take to just a long travel. I used to bring him to my old school, but that was in Vermont so not as long of a trip." Rose was looking into all options really. "It would have to be a summer move so we could stop every few hours. And probably after I get my license would be easier."

He mentioned helping with the club, "That would be great. I could use the extra help." As much as she liked her friends, Rose was in the minority with being as into Equestrian things as she was.

Timber enjoyed the conversation. It was always great talking with someone that had the same interests as yourself. To meet and talk with someone else from the Midwest was also a plus, but Timber was anxious for news on Conner.

“Thanks for lifting my spirits,” Timber said, “but I think we may want to go inside to check on Conner. I think he should be out of surgery by now.”

Rose nodded, "Ok, Dante are you ready to head inside?" Asking the other boy.

Dante stretched "Yeah I guess." Dante said. He was more around for a moral support role and didn't want to be in doctors way since Conner was going to be fine and the other doctors were saving other lives. Dante gestured towards the door "Lead the way.”

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