First Visitors

JP with Redsword and Cindy

Conner was lying in his bed. He had an IV in his arm and looked to be a little out of it with the drugs he had been given. JD's father and mother had left. The only one still there was Conner's mother who was in the waiting room. With Doug in custody, even the security was lighter now and he could have 4 guests at a time. His room was a typical one except it did have a couch and chair in the room.

Kaylee, Matt, Rose and JD came in. Kaylee instantly went to Conner and kissed his cheek. She was calm but didn't like seeing him injured. Matt gave the boy in the bed a slight smile, "Hey, that was one heck of a takedown."

Rose greeted Conner, but let the others talk for the moment.

Conner smiled as they came into the room. After Kaylee kissed Conner on the cheek he wrapped his one free arm around her and still was able to pull her in for another kiss. Then a groan at his foolish attempt at strength.

JD smiled "Did anyone teach you to duck?" Joked JD. getting a more serious look on his face. "Do you need anything? asked JD.

Rose then spoke up, "Yeah, just let us know." They could get him whatever, within reason.

Kaylee easily went with the kiss but noticing how much it hurt Conner commented, "Don't over do it." She smiled, with a wink at him, "Besides the less kissing we do now the more we can make up for it later."

Matt jokingly responded, "I really don't need to hear my sister talk like that.”

Conner lay back in his bed getting comfortable. "I have everything I can have right now," replied Conner to everyone there. He pulled Kaylee to him to whisper in her ear. "Accept you for the night," said Conner then gently blew into her ear.

JD Looked a bit uncomfortable looking at the ground. Not at what Conner was doing, more guilt for not being there to help. JD took a deep breath,"Sorry, I was not there Conner. I should have been there or spotted Doug," confessed JD, looking saddened.

Kaylee bit her lip, at Conner's words. Matt just sort of shook his head, just slightly.

Rose gently squeezed JD's hand, she didn't think anything anyone but Conner said would make JD feel less guilty. Matt and Kaylee glanced at JD and figured the same. Matt though did comment, "JD everything happened so fast. I don't think anyone blames you for not acting faster. It would have been difficult to intervene.”

Conner looked at JD, "Dude, I did that on my own and did not think it through. I am not as calculating as you JD. More like a bull in a china shop type of guy," said Conner with a smirk.

JD squeezed Rose's hand back and kissed her on the cheek for the support. JD smiled at what Conner had said; it did make sense. "Well, no more bullet catching," replied JD with a little sarcasm.

Everyone laughed a little at JDs comment. Matt then spoke up, "Well, I hate to break this up," mostly meaning his sister's time with Conner but also the visit. "But if Courtney doesn't get a chance to see you because we run out time, she'll probably kick my ass." Matt was joking, of course, but Courtney wouldn't be happy about it. Kaylee sighed, "Yeah, though I don't really want to go,but, we probably should.”

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