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Summary: Friend, older brother, athletic, musical, winemaker in the making.

Matthew Auclair

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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Junior Students


American/Canadian dual citizenship (explained in history)



Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Rich Kid

Physical Appearance

Brown hair, blue eyes, 6' tall. Physically fit build.

Personality and interests

Matthew is a nice guy, a loyal friend, laid back, and is willing to help people when asked to. He is close to his family and protective of his younger sister but not overly protective.

Good at music; mostly sticks to guitar. He is good at sports and is in track and field, basketball, and soccer. Likes cars and motorcycles but not as interested in working on them as collecting them. He is very educated about wine and producing wine. Trilingual in French, Spanish and English and can pick up languages easily. He also has a motorcycle at the school which he loves.


Born to Jacque and Emily outside of Welland, in the Niagra Pennisula of Canada. His mother was an American Citizen from California and his father had been raised in Canada at a vineyard and winery his family-owned but had immigrated to the US to start his own vineyard in the area of California known as wine country. The couple had been in Canada, visiting Jacque's family, when Emily went into labor.

Being that Matthew's mother is an American citizen, his father is a duel citizen and Matthew was born in Canada he ended up with dual citizenship.

Growing up Matthew was surrounded by his parent's vineyard and winery and learned the business from a young age. His parents would have been fine with him choosing another career path but he wants to run the vineyard when he gets out of college.

Matthew has a younger sister, Kaylee, who is a Freshman at Sakura. Matthew got to visit family in France and travel through Europe last summer.

Favourite Sayings

"What do you need?"
"It's fine."
"You need a ride?"
"That's a great vintage."

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Image of Matthew Auclair
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