Doug and Guns

JP with Jaxx and Cindy

Mel nodded at Dante. It was a question about the gun. "True, but we also have no idea where he went when he ran." Mel hadn't always or even usually hung out with the best people back in Seattle, she was aware that firearms were available if someone really wanted one, especially someone with money.

She was a little surprised by Timber's outburst. And let Dante have his say before turning to Timber and adding, "But thanks for the sentiment.”

Timber hadn’t meant to be so brash in his statement. He was somewhat embarrassed it came out so harsh. Although it was the way he felt, Timber wasn’t used to speaking his mind in such a way. Doug triggered something in him, so much so that Timber wanted the stiffest penalty for the man.

Doug grew up around guns. He, Tyler, and their father would often go hunting, and sometimes took a trip around it. As a farmer, one had to regularly protect the crops and chickens from vermin. So, Timber was used to rifles and shotguns. Hand guns, as well. They often carried those for the kill shot if the initial round hadn’t done the trick.

All these guns, Timber had legally. He wouldn’t know the best way to get one in an illegal fashion. Timber had also practiced and trained in gun safety. So, he didn’t take kindly to Doug’s threatening unsafe wielding of a handgun.

“I know about how to purchase a gun, but not illegally,” he admitted. “I would assume Doug didn’t get his legally.”

Zander had overheard a little of the conversation, he walked over to the trio that were talking. "I believe he would have needed our moms permission, at least from one of them, to buy it legally, as he's a minor. I can tell you my parents never would have given him that. So, he didn't." Zander lowered his voice. "Besides, there's no trail like their would be if it was a legal sale." He looked at Timber, "I've been doing my own research into my brother.”

Ashely swallowed her coffee as he heard the conversation nearby. Since she was not always from a wealthy family and met some unsavory types growing up she knew a bit more on the topic. She then looked at the others and replied, "He probably got it from a thief that robs houses looking for some quick money. That or he has ties to some criminals. Getting an illegal gun is not much different than buying drugs. All you need is some money and head to a bad part of the neighborhood. Eventually you will find a seller. The fact that you don't know that is a good thing. I wouldn't sweat it too much since Doug will most likely cave under the police interrogation and rat out who was involved. If I had five minutes alone with him I could even get him to confess if he wears girls' panties." Ashley grinned before she sipped her coffee. Behind Jack sighed and nodded as if he already experienced that interrogation before. Ashely then turned to Jack and gave him a kiss on the cheek before she said, "I saw that Jack." Roxy giggled and kissed Jack on the other cheek before she replied, "He is so cute when he is like this." Then Ashley looked at Zander and said, "If you are worried if the police are going to limit the investigation, you can have your moms hire a private detective.”

Zander nodded, he figured his moms might already be on that but lawyers were more important at the moment. Not to get Doug off but, maybe surprisingly, not.

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