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Summary: A generous genius

Zander Maurice Jefferson

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Gender: Male

Age: 15

Group: Sophomore Students





Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Rich Kid

Physical Appearance

Zander is about 5'7" with a slender, thin build. He is not strong or athletic. His hair is kind of mousy brown, wavy and he has brown eyes.

Personality and interests

Zander is a genius especially with anything computer, math, or science-related. Academics come easily too him. He is a stereotypical nerd where academics come easily to him and sports don't. He loves anime, computer gaming, graphic novels, RPGs (like Dungeon and Dragons), all of that kind of thing.
He is a rich kid but no one can ever really guess with nerds and the truth is he was recruited by the school due to his academic achievements. He doesn't want to be known as a rich kid but the thing he really doesn't want people to know is that Doug is his brother. Which is fine with Doug.
Zander though is a kind, gentle person that would give someone the shirt off his back if necessary to help someone out.


Morgana and Joesphine meet in college in the early '90s and were instantly attracted to each other. Morgana had known for years she was a lesbian but Joesphine was still discovering her sexuality. It took some time but eventually, they became a couple.

After college, they moved to Las Vegas where Joesphine's father owned a casino on the strip. Josephine became the General Manager and Morgana was put in charge of the accounting department.

The casino did exceptionally well, so much so that when her father decided to retire and when he did he gave the business to his daughter to run. Josephine loved everything about working at the casino but Morgana wanted something else. She actually had a social work degree and decided to leave the casino to pursue that field instead.

The couple was living together and wanted to add to their family. They discussed options and decided to adopt; after all, there were a lot of children in need of homes. Rather than going for an infant, they adopted a 4-year-old boy named Doug.

Doug had been abandoned at the age of 3 and with that came some issues but his moms were willing to work through those, as they were expected. He seemed really sweet, at first. He was the center of attention for two years and loved every moment of it.

It was then his parents decided to add another child to the family. Once again they decided to adopt. However, this time they adopted a set of 3-year-old fraternal twins.

Doug was instantly jealous and wanted nothing to do with his new little baby brother and sister. He resisted that they had come into his house and took away the attention that belonged to him. It was about this time that his moms started getting calls from the school about how he shoved a kid or teased another kid.
As the twins grew: he began to bully them as well. His sister, Dawn, got the least of it. It was just harder to bully her. His brother, Zander, however, was a nerd and who Doug targeted relentlessly. It didn't help matters that Dawn and Zander were very close or that Zander got to skip a few grades because of how intelligent he was.
Doug continued to get into trouble until his Moms decided he needed to go someplace away from Vegas. Someplace stricter than the schools he had been attending.
Zander knew his brother hated him, he also knows how his mothers worry about his older sibling. So, when the opportunity came to go to the same boarding school as his brother, Zander took it. He and his brother don't exactly have an agreement about no one finding out they are brothers but they do understand each other well enough to know it's probably for the best. Doug has no idea his little brother has decided, on his own, to keep an eye on him.

Favourite Sayings

"Hey, I can help you with that."

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