Meeting the Group (part 2)

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Carter came in, when he didn't see Blossom he went got some food and took a seat. Next came in Kyle and Justin, who sat down next to each other with their food.

"I was raised on country, as well. There are a few of us 'round here." It wasn't hard to tell the accent in Courtney's voice.

Mel started to sip her drink but stopped midway, swallowed and put the cup back down. She had a date already, so,saying yes felt wrong but everyone was going as a group so saying no wasn't truthful. But before she could answer, the rich kids came in.

Melissa was surprised, that they targeted her. Outside of Doug's group they really had left her alone. Especially after what happened and with Coach Callahan's rule about the cheerleaders not going after each other. Mel knew all the mean girls were cheerleaders.

Sam muttered a '"here we go again" half under her breath.

Some of the people around the table smiled at Timber's words, standing up for one of their own always went a long way.

In walked Sadie who stood there for a moment watching this interaction. She went over to Lance and asked, "Do you think you could lay off them for a day? You know if you get trouble you won't be able to come to my party tomorrow and if you don't come it'll create a domino effect." If Lance didn't come, then his friends wouldn't come. It was already debatable if Sadie's group (or former) would come. That was a majority of the rich kids. Maybe, Lance could be reasonable just once because they were friends. Or she was dating one of his group.

"If you only knew the truth" replied Elisabeth with a charming smile.

Lance gave a smile and looked at JD. You know with Elena leaving you don't have anyone to stick up for you." said Lance in a threatening tone.

JD laughed at Lance "Good luck with that Lance" replied JD with his own tryme smile.

"Ok Sadie, ya sure I am done with them anyways don't need to waste my time with monkeys" replied Lance to Sadie.

Conner had had enough of the Rich Kids. Conner let out a kind of growl showing he was not too happy. The two Lance and Elizabeth laughed as they walked off. Lance really did not want to challenge Conner alone and for good reason. Lance knew he could not take him down one on one.

Mel kind of glared at Elizabeth, weird comment to make but whatever.

Sadie breathed, in relief when nothing escalated.

Kaylee walked in, got some food and sat next to Conner.

"Thanks," Melissa went ahead with some more introductions, before anything could be asked about Elizabeth’s comment. "Those two are Kyle and Justin. That's Carter. And the couple there is Conner and Kaylee. Everyone this is Timber." She turned to the new boy, answering his question from earlier. "Well, we're all be there as a group so sure. But umm....I have a date for tonight." She wouldn't not let Timber know and, certainly wasn't going to break her date with Jason.

Timber frowned. “Well, my loss. “If only I had started at the beginning of the year!” Timber smiled.

Of course, there was plenty of time. Perhaps things wouldn’t work out between Mel and whomever.

“You can’t blame a guy for tryin!”

"You'd really think being the 'popular' ones they'd have something better to do than spend all day thinking about people they hate." Dante said. "It's just funny how rent free you can live in someone's head." he mused as he took another bite

"I'm just glad they are leaving me alone." Jocelyn mumbled, trying for low enough nobody would hear.

So that’s it! Just because Timber was here on scholarship, they hated him.

He looked to Mel and the others. “It’s hard to believe they feel threatened by us who have no money. Maybe they think money equals power.”

Timber looked to the girl who had just made the comment. “Don’t worry! We got you if they do!”

Dante put a hand up. "No offence Timber but you need to cool down just a bit." he said, "We just got done with one run of trouble, we don't need to be starting another. Just ignore them, they hate that way more then anything else." he said before adding. "We'll back up anyone who needs it but don't go looking for trouble, they don't the teachers don't take to kindly to it especially from scholarships, we're here to make them look good. And doubly so right now, they are on edge and will double down on any punishment they deal out to anyone making to much trouble. If they want to fight, let them start it."

Timber didn’t think he was all that heated. He was just making observations. It didn’t matter to him of one person liked him or not. Timber would remain the same person he had always been.

“Anything to do after the battle of the bands?” Timber asked. “Or will it take up the entire evening?”

"True, as that is Dante," Rose spoke up. "We never start it. It's what they live and breathe to do, try to make the lives of others miserable." She turned to Timber. "However, it is very true that the staff is currently on edge and is being stricter than usual when it comes to anyone they see causing trouble. It's also true that scholarship students have to be more diligent. Rich kids can buy their way out of a lot, but not everything."

"The hierarchy of Sakura," Kyle commented. "Those three tables over to the left on the end the rich kids. They think they are at the top of the pecking order. However, look around. You have your theater kids, music kids, scholarship sports kids, art kids, nerds - and they like to be called that, as long as it's not done meanly. The LBGTQ group. Oh, then the random solo eater." Pointing each group as he went. "And us, we're a mixed group of people. There are less in the rich kids group than the others. Personally, I think they're threatened."

"Probably some of us will go get some food, but I think it'll be the majority of the evening. Curfew is something else taken seriously by the staff." Kaylee responded.

“Curfew?” Timber asked. Not even his parents had given him a curfew, especially on weekends. “And what time would that be?”

"Days that there's no school the next day midnight to be checked in to the dorms. 12:30 they do room checks. Days when we have school the next day, need to be checked into the dorms by 10:30, 11 is room checks." Kaylee explained. "They sometimes extend curfew for certain school events, like dances."

“That’s not too bad,” Timber chuckled. “I was thinking something worse, like 9:00 weeknights and 11:00 on weekends.”

Timber glanced around the table. “I’m sure glad I met y’all before them.”

Justin was smiling as he listened to the conversation along with Kyle. Despite the snobby bullies he was feeling chipper being with Kyle. He was tempted to speak his mind on the matter but Kyle calmed him down with his hand on his leg. It was obvious that Kyle was being protective and that made Justin's heart swoon a bit more. When the topic of the battle of the bands came up he asked Kyle, "Can we go? I love a good jam fest."

Meanwhile poor Jack was done with his main dish and was now being forced to be spoon fed Jello with whip cream topping by Ashley and Roxy. Ashley has lime Jello and Roxy had orange Jello so Jack barely had time to swallow it before being fed by the next girl. Poor grouchy Jack was feeling miserable as usual and of course this didn't sit well with the Posh rich guys who believed they were god's gift to all women. So after some egging on, three of the rich posh guys, (Chad, Rick, and Preston), made their way over to where Jack was being fed by Roxy and Ashley. Jack could feel the daggers from their looks as Ashley and Roxy turned to look at the three good looking guys with the plastic personality.

Timber winced at the crushing of family jewels. Once in wrestling practice, a friend took an accidental solid knee to the groin. He was decommissioned for quite a while with that injury after needing surgery.

“Yeh…well,” Timber announced, “I’ll be sure not to piss you off.”

He took Im his new friends. He was certain these would be the ones to make the most impact upon his life at Sakura.

So, Mel was taken. Looking around the table, most these girls were. That was understandable. All were gorgeous babes.

“If y’all will excuse me, I’ve got some unpacking to do.” He looked back at Mel, “Where should I meet y’all?”

Kyle grinned slightly as Justin asked if they could go. He reached into his pocket and, as if he could predict the future, produced two tickets. "I had a feeling you might want to go. So, I took the liberty of getting us tickets."

Kyle then glanced over at Dawn, who added. "I have your t-shirts, I'll get them to you after lunch."

"See all taken care of." Kyle smiled at Justin.

Hearing Timber's question. Zander spoke up. "Around 7 in the courtyard area. We can all meet up and decide who's riding with who then."

Justin giggled in glee as she saw the tickets and replied, "You are and angel," as he hugged Kyle's arm. Ashley gave a nice smile to Timber as she replied, "Polite and a gentleman. You will get popular with the girls if you keep that up. Oh Rox did you score our tickets?" Roxy pulled them out of her bra and replied, "Yeah I bought extra just in case." Ashley replied, "Sweet, we may need one for B." Jack muttered, "Do I have to go?" Roxy then replied, "Of course not Jack. We can just..." Roxy whispered into Jack's ear and his eyes bulged out in fear as he nervously replied, "Sorry I asked. I'll be more than happy to go. How much do I owe you? " Ashely replied, "Oh Jack don't sweat it we got it. You won't have to worry about money ever again." Jack got nervous from that comment as Roxy and Ashley kissed him on the cheeks again before poking his ribs. They loved to tease him, as if it was a twisted game. Roxy then said, "Oh and I got us shirts too." Ashely replied, "Sweet."

Dante laughed "Those shirts will be worth something someday. This group is a one night only show." He said "No offense Jack but you really really need to lighten up a bit. You act like a seventy five year old curmudgeon."

"Oh, I have a ticket and shirt for Blossom." Carter commented, to make sure Ash and Roxy, but especially Ash knew her friend was covered. Carter and Blossom were as good as dating even if they hadn't actually made it official just yet. But they hadn't been seeing each other that long, still it was headed that way.

Jack moaned like an old man as he heard Dante call him an old man. He muttered, "Yeah yeah." Ashely then replied, "Jack has trouble expressing his feelings." Roxy heard Carter and replied, "Okay cool well we have extra to share if any one needs some."

As Timber stood, still looking at Mel. He would forever see her as the first he met on campus. “I’ll see you at 7 then,” he confidently affirmed. “Where do I need to go to get a ticket?”

Roxy held up one of the tickets and replied, "Here I got extra. Do you need an extra?"

“I’ll need to go to an ATM,” Timber stated. “How much? I can give it to you tonight, Roxy?”

Roxy smirked and she shook her head no and handed the ticket to Timber. She replied, "Don't sweat it big guy. I'm not hurting for money and we didn't want anyone to miss out on the concert. If you get hung up on the idea of paying any of us back just keep in mind we may be in a situation where we need a favor from you." Roxy seemed very easy to talk to for a rock star who made it big before graduating high school. This was also odd that she would share Jack with Ashley.

“Thanks, Rox! I do appreciate it, and whatever I can do for you, name it!”

He turned back to Mel. “Mel? You got time before your next class to walk with me to my dorm?”

"Sure," Mel smiled, glad to have some more time to speak with Timber. And a little torn about the fact that Jason didn't show for lunch. She got up, gave a quick goodbye to everyone and left with Timber.

After Mel and Timber left, Rose's phone buzzed. She looked down at her phone, glanced up at Sam, though Sam was busy talking to Kaylee about something and didn't see. Rose then texted back and turned to JD, and whispered in his ear. "Heath wants to speak with us. He said not to tell Sam." She shrugged with a look of having no idea what was going on, because she didn't know.

JD shrugged when Rose whispered in his ear as it tickled. "Rose really? here hu?" said JD out loud with a grin playfully. "Sure when?" said JD with a smile and a kiss.

She giggled slightly, at JDs comment. "ASAP. So, if your ready so to go, so am I."

JD leaned over to Rose "Follow you anywhere now and forever." said JD standing and helping Rose up as well. "See you all around got something to do." said JD to everyone with a wave.

Conner got a big smile on his face "Keep your hands to yourselves now" commented Conner with a little sarcasm.

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