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Summary: We all have our secrets.

Jocelyn Brooks

Gender: female

Age: 16

Group: Sophomore Students





Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Scholarships Student

Physical Appearance

Platinum blonde Hair, Hazel eyes, thin frame, 'late bloomer', gauged ears, has braces

Personality and interests

Clumsy and a tenancy to babble when embarrassed or stressed out. No matter the compliments or who its from she never believes them.


The past is the past, she doesn't talk about it. What is now is what matters. Someone might be able to get info out of her, but she's not talking. Stayed out if school a year, so she's in a class a year younger than she should be.

Favourite Sayings

Just leave me alone.
Try this. *Hands food*

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Image of Jocelyn Brooks
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