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The Devil Inside

The day of the dance was rather awkward as Jack looked at the hickies on his chest and neck in the mirror.

Jack: Man...... this is so not cool.

Justin giggled from the side.

Justin: You look like you swam in a swamp full of leeches.

Jack: You are not helping man.

Justin: I'm sorry. You do know you are probably the only guy in this school to complain about two hotties giving him some TLC. You know that right?

Jack: Easy for you to say.

Justin: Well you could join the other team and not worry about girls all together?

Jack gave Justin an annoyed glance before he spoke.

Jack: Like its that easy. Bedsides......... I doubt that they would accept that answer so lightly. And your laughing is not helping me.

Justin: I'm so sorry bro, but you are like a magnet for the crazy ones. I am curious how many girls will be after you in college?

Jack: Are you trying to make me feel worse?

Justin: No no no. I'm sorry but most guys would brag about being popular with the ladies, but you are complaining like a broody batman.

Jack: You think I am broody?

Justin: Dude everyone does. You're like Oscar the grouch and that guy from the playboy mansion put together.

Jack: Not funny....... but I wouldn't mind that paycheck.

Justin: Me too. So you looking forward to the dance? I mean loosing the game like that kinda set a nasty mood for everyone.

Jack: Like I get a choice. Those two will track me down and drag me there kicking and screaming if I try to hide from them.

Justin: That would be a sight.

Jack: Why do I get the feeling you are enjoying this too much?

Justin: Well you life is like a soap opera bro. Its so much better than tv. Maybe we can write it down and sell it to a network?

Jack: Don't even think about it. It's bad enough to experience once. The last thing I wan to do is see it on tv.

Justin: Oh snap look at the time we need to hurry up.

Jack sighed as they finished getting dressed up. Luckily Justin had been a big help in making him look dashing for the dance. Justin was also helpful in getting the others hooked up with nice boutonniere for the guys and corsages for the ladies. Blossom was very happy for the help since she was on a budget and clueless on where to get such things. Justin got matching boutonnieres for Kyle and himself. Since Ashley already had Blossom's size she ordered some dresses for them as well as Roxy. Roxy chose a white "Angle" theme dress for the dance since she was elected "Jack's Princess" in the Freshmen Court. Ashley went for a red devilish dress to match the theme while Jack wore a tux with a red vest and bowtie. Justin planned the idea and the girls seemed to love it. Blossom was a blue fairy like themed dress for Carter to match his outfit. Then of course he made sure he and Kyle had matching tuxes but Justin had a red shirt, white vest, white boutonniere and white bow tie. Kyle had the reverse of a white shirt, red vest, red boutonniere and red bow tie.

Eventually they headed down and met their dates in the lobby to attach or fix the flowers on their outfits. Justin was a big help on that parts since he used safety pins to avoid getting cut. Then the guys escorted their dates to the gym. Jack of course was at a loss as Ashley and Roxy hooked his two arms and led him to the gym before he could complain. Jack was at a loss since both Ashley and Roxy looked very sexy and he had trouble remembering that they were both dangerous women as they blood was leaving his brain. It wasn't long before they entered the gym and saw the d├ęcor all around.

The gym looked amazing and it was obvious the school spent a lot of money on the theme and decorations. Sadly despite how pretty it was the sour looks on the student's faces was very apparent. The sad loss of the big game left a sour note in the heart of the students. The DJ did his best to liven up the mood but the dance floor looked empty as the students avoided it.

To move things along the DJ called the members of the Court to the dance floor starting with the seniors. First was the Seniors Queen Lauren Winthorpe - King Maximillian Winchester who looked amazing. Then Juniors Princess Brooke Faraday - Prince Connor Mason made their way down to the dance floor along with Princess Courtney Hellford - Prince Lance Harbor. Lance got a lot of glares as he was awkwardly trying to dance under the pressure. Then the DJ called the Sophomores
Princess Riley Manning - Prince Kyle and Princess Sadie Bartlow - Prince Dante to the dance floor. This did help the mood a bit as Sadie had her fan base. Then the DJ called the Freshmen Princess Melissa Morrison - Prince Justin and Princess Roxy Roker - Prince Jack Gomez to the dance floor. Justin was suave as usual as he danced with Melissa, while Jack was just as good or even better. Roxy was pleasantly surprised by how good a dancer Jack was. Granted she was lacking a bit on grace, she was fighting the urge to pounce on poor Jack.

Little by little the mood began to change and others began to dance on the floor with their couples. Ashley jumped in to make a threesome of slow dancing with Jack and Roxy. They took turns grabbing his bottom to make him feel sheepish as they danced. From the side Ashley checked on Blossom who seemed happy dancing with Carter. Though it was an awkward atmosphere many of the students managed to make the best of it.

Meanwhile Charlie was leaning on a wall alone as he looked at Galaxy with their friends. He was at a loss on what to do since he really wanted to talk to Galaxy again but didn't know how to do it. He was embarrassed from the last time and this was a whole new world he was unsure about. He now understood the whole pressure to come out of the closet for others he picked on in the past. After self reflection in the hospital he realized he was a jerk and dumb jock. However he was now a guy who was in love with another guy who looked like a girl and he had to face this eventually. He knew his folks would disown him if they found out and he also knew he could not live a lie anymore. So he was now at a point where he would have to choose to be alone and safe or take a chance on love and loose his family and home.

Meanwhile Regina Carson and her little group of friends including Elizabeth Bennet, Ruby Worthington, Candy Poppins and Zoey Madison were with their dates to the side. Regina seemed distracted as she slow danced with her date. She had forgotten his name but didn't care much. She looked at the members of the Court and was not to pleased since she was not picked to be Homecoming Queen. She needed to make a change so she could graduate as the Queen Bee. She saw Rose dancing with her scholarship guy. Then she saw Jack dancing with Ashley and Roxy and the wheels of evil began to turn in her mind as she gave a wicked grin. She was going to have some fun before her last year was over.


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