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Summary: A spoiled actress/model who loves to manipulate

Olivia Carpenter

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Gender: Female

Age: 15

Group: Freshman Students




Spoiled girl who uses her looks and money to get what she wants

Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Rich Kid

Physical Appearance

A beautiful blonde
Pale flawless skin
Blue eyes
Looks hot in anything

Personality and interests

She is an angel in front of the public and a camera but a spoiled brat behind the scenes. She often bribes others to do her bidding including school work and buying her junk food since she wants to vege out and eat junk food while watching television behind her mother's back. She recently found a somewhat dependable guy named Jack to buy her snacks and movies in exchange for money and some blackmail since he walked in on her dressing one time by accident.


Born as the youngest daughter from a model/actress mother and a big time movie make father. She was working as a model and actress since she was a baby and had made a name for herself already. However she wants to vege out and eat junk food while watching television behind her mother's back so she manipulates others to get her fix.

Favourite Sayings

Don't you know who I am?

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Image of Olivia Carpenter
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