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Deep Thoughts With Jack

Beach Party: Saturday afternoon. Takes place a little more than halfway through the volleyball game.

Suddenly the babbling hotties stopped talking and turned to look as Jack was looking down and waiting patiently like he did nothing. Ironically they looked past him like he was no one and looked to see the guys playing volleyball and proceeded to make their way over and began asking who Conner was. Jack waited till they left before he stepped up and ordered his chocolate mint coffee smoothie. He patiently waited a few minutes then actually smiled as he took it and sipped from the straw. He felt his tension melt away and sighed in relief. Then he made his way to an empty table and sat under an umbrella to relax as he sipped his cold treat.

The music from the white limo made its way from out of the roof and could be heard down the road several miles. It faintly could be heard at the beach but most students didn't think much about it.

On the beach, the distinct sound of KPOP got louder and louder. BTS's Dynamite blared and Rose turned to Sam, Courtney, and Riley, "Do you think that's?"

Jack was annoyed by the loud music coming from the limo approaching the beach. He was not in the mood for more obnoxious people at this point. He just wanted to sit in silence and relax for a moment. Sadly to many people have been keeping him from doing that, especially his bully and self proclaimed girlfriend named Ashley.

The music got louder but switched to BlackPink Ice Cream. It was then that the sounds of Sasha's voice could be heard, surprisingly, over the music. "Heeey, did everyone miss me?"

Her entourage following close behind her and the chauffeur carrying her suitcases. "Oh, where am I staying?" One of the chaperones took the chauffeur to the guest house. "Girls, chairs." A few of the girls ran opened the chairs they had been carrying and put one behind Sadie, she opened her shirt so her bikini top could be seen and then sat down. "Well, what do we have here? A volleyball game? With all these sexy young men with no shirts on." She took her phone back but didn't turn it to the game. "I am cutting the feed. Maybe, I'll have a treat for all my viewers later. Stay beautiful."

She put down the phone for a moment. She then reached into her pocket and pulled out $200 dollars handing it to one of the girls. "Please go tip the chauffeur. Go, go." Waving the girl off. The girl took off meeting up with the chauffeur.

It took a few more minutes but eventually, the music got turned down and the limo drove off. People were still staring at Sadie, wondering if she was done with making a scene. She then said. "What? Aren't you finish the game?"

Heath look at Matt and someone said "Serve" the game was back on.

Zander watched this whole thing with the other nerds, not really sure what he had just witnessed. Yes, he was from Vegas and had seen a lot of entrances but for a high schooler to think they were that important was something else.

April and gone inside and was talking to Dawn when even they could hear the music and went outside to witness the show. "Well, that was something." April committed.

"Yeah, it was something else," Dawn said then smiled at her. "Now, that we're out here do you want to get something."

"An iced coffee sounds great," April responded. Dawn nodded and the two girls got iced coffee then went to sit at one of the tables and talk.

Jack rubbed his temples as he sighed at the new over the top student arriving. He hoped she would not be hanging out with the group Ashley hung out with. As it was he was forced to socialize more than he wanted to at this point. True he didn't mind the group in small doses but he found Ashley was making him do more with the group than usual and it was wearing him out mentally. He just wanted to do his own thing but those moments were few and far apart.

Then his attention turned to Blossom who had lost her balance due to the new girl's entrance. Luckily Justin and Kyle were there to help her recover in time. Jack was a little relieved that she was not hurt since it would be uncool and Ashley would go on a tirade if her cheer friend was injured. After regaining her composure and confidence Blossom got back on the board and did her best again.

Jack then noticed two familiar idiots from the corner of his eye with a new face. Apparently Joey and Charlie found a new girl to hit on. The new girl was taller with green hair from what Jack could see from the distance he was at. Not that he cared but he was kind of hoping the girl would torment them a bit.

Then he saw movement from the other side as he noticed the volleyball game began again. He was glad to avoid being involved in the game. He didn't want the attention nor did he want to do more work. Ashley made him work his butt off and then wore him out mentally and emotionally afterwards. He sipped his cold beverage again and leaned the chair back to help him relax. At this point he wished he had his phone and earbuds to drown everyone out. He was hoping everyone would leave him alone the rest of the day, but as of late his wishes were like heavy rocks that sank into the ocean and never seen again. He closed his eyes hoping for the best though.


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