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Summary: Nerdy teacher's pet sneak that really just wants to belong somewhere.

Thomas Gordon Ling

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Group: Freshman Students


United States, Chinese father and Japanese mother


Smart teacher's pet that has a knack for getting in trouble when the left to himself.
A nerd and sneak
Hacker (hardware/software) and thief.
Gymnastics and drones

Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Scholarship student.

Physical Appearance

Thomas is the kid that most kids picked on at school and the girls would protect. He is thin and short, 5'6" and 98 lbs. His mother keeps telling him he hasn't hit is growth spurt yet.

He has black hair and brown eyes. He is always neat and clean, except for when he gets beat up. When out of school he has worn of chinese, japanese,and western clothes.

Due to his size and weight, he has the making of an ideal gymnast.

Personality and interests

Thomas has lost his trust in most people. His life has shown him that most people don't really care about you. He is not a hard core antisocial, anti-establishment type. He just hates dumb and meaningless work.

Thomas wants to learn and know everything thing he can.

He hates authority (rule by edict), but shows respect
Loyal to his those he believes deserves loyalty.
Smart hard working student when it comes to things he is interested in.

He has been to frat parties, drank beer, and tried smoking pot. He doesn't like things that mess with his mind. He has flown his microdrone outside of the Delta Gama Sorority house capturing mp4's of the girls showering and changing.

He likes gymnastics but is not as competitive as he parents want him to be. They like it because he is supervised closely for hours at a time. He likes it because it is something to do and there are a lot of cute girls wearing skin tight clothes.


Thomas grew up in one of the poorer parts of California. His sperm donor father, a Chinese computer engineer now a VP at one of the computer startups and a Japanese mother who was a graduate student working on Ph.D. in medicine at UCLA.

When he was young Thomas got to spend time with his father. They did things together till his "new family" arrived through marriage. He tried to fit in, but his "new mother" Karen, blond and endowed, is more of a thot wanting to flaunt her husbands wealth and her personal assets TikTok and a couple other streaming services. When the naked pictures of Karen started showing up. Thomas was sent back to his Biological mother.

Life on campus at UCLA was great. Though public school stunk and he was constantly getting beat up. He had managed to talk his mother into letting him joining a locksports group, well that is what the permission slip said. He also managed to talk his mom allowing him to take some online college classes, by charming the admissions staff and sneak into classes in the evening and afternoons.

When he turned 15 he got caught driving a bus he had picked the lock and hot wired. This ended his time with the locksports group. With his mother graduating and looking for real work and facing some time in Juvenile, his sperm donor hired a lawyer that suggested an alternate placement, boarding school.
With a little work, some sneaking, and the stupidity of adults, he had a nearly perfect school transcript that was sent plus a few collage classes, the process acceptance process was smooth. To his mother was surprised when the acceptance letter with a full ride scholarship arrived. She was heading to surgery and this was not one of the schools that was recommended. He lied to both of his parents saying that the other had suggested it to the lawyer and the judge. They were both too busy really check into it. The lawyer was notified and the judge signed off.

He was dropped off by Karen and the baby. There were lots of selfies being taken by Karen, not of the baby or him. But of herself and the school. His mother was heading to John's Hopkins and his sperm donor was in China. He wondered what he got himself into.

Favourite Sayings

This is bull shit.
I can see the potential in you.
Can I help you with that?

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