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Bad Timing

JD watches as Ashley, Jack, Blossom, and Justin walk into the cafeteria and get their food JD had been watching the rich kids table on and off they were still making their rude comments now and then. they seem to be talking and whispering to one other as they ate.

After the announcement of Heath and Sam, the rich kids gave mocking laughs. "look the Slum monkeys are going to mate. You would think they would have better breeding options." said Lance out loud. One of the rich Cheer girls said laughing "and the Princess has stooped to being in the slums with the little monkeys. She even was seen with one how She has fallen from the grace of the chosen." Lance cut in "it's all good we need more workers in the field we need someone to put under our feet." said Lance.

Ashley, Jack, Justin and Blossom were making their way to the table when they heard Lance talking a lot of smack. They stopped to see what was going on since they were late and things were getting a bit ugly. Justin was very annoyed by Lance's comments as he huffed. Blossom turned red faced and hurt by Lance's hurtful words. She was literally moments away running off and crying in a corner till Justin told her it was going to be okay. Of course that was till he saw Jack's cold expression. Ashley on the other hand dropped her jaw as she was rather annoyed by Lance and his holier than thou attitude. Then they began moving to their seats.

One of the cheer girls changed positions at the rich kid's table. Jd looked in that direction seeing the movement out of the corner of his eye. somthing inside of him that small voice of his father said "ready" he saw the Cheers girls arm move. for a split second JD thought what is he doing? JD focuses on what was flying towards the table a little white container with red marking. you could hear the Girl say "Go with the slum monkeys Princess" A thousand scenarios flash through his mind. as it reached the table JD was sitting at. He just said "Cover" quietly. He jumps up and wrapped his arms around Rose as the container of yogurt hits his back the sound of yogurt splattering and the container hitting the ground and bouncing a few times coming to a stop. "what the Fuck!" yelled Conner now with spots of yogurt on him. others got hit to at the table with a little spry of yogurt. JD took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. he was thinking last night about how the first hug might go this was not it.

Ashley, Jack, Justin and Blossom had not even sat down when they were covered in yogurt. Ashley was irate as she looked at her uniform and food that was ruined. Then she looked at Jack, Blossom and Justin who were not to happy about what just happened.

JD smiled then said "this is not how I wanted our first hug to go" as he stood the yogurt sliding down his back. as Conner stood to his feet with a look on his face some was going to pay. JD turned to place his hand on his shoulder "now is not the time or place for that" he said reassuringly.
The room got really quiet people were gasping and others whispering.

Ashley put her tray down and tried to wipe off the yogurt as best as she could. She was trying to stay positive despite wanting to hurt someone badly. Blossom was shaking and wanted to cry but was in shock. Justin was doing his best to play it cool but he was ready to fight at this point as he wiped off the yogurt. It was then that Ashley turned to say something to Jack only to find he was not there.

Lance was about to stand when Elena grabbed his arm and pulled him back down. "Don't lance not now" she said as the rich stable burst out in laughter.

Suddenly the fire alarm went off and the sprinklers turned on in the cafeteria. This caused a bit of a panic as the student began trying to exit the cafeteria to get outside while getting soaked. Ashley grabbed Blossom and helped her get out as Justin aided them safely among the crowd. Several teachers were trying to keep the panicked kids organized while getting soaked. Unknown to the others Jack was still in the cafeteria as he came from somewhere hidden and moved into the crowd as he found Lance from behind and casually kicked the back of Lance's shoe causing him to slip backwards rather quickly. Lance hit the tile floor hard as the panicked student stepped over him to escape the water sprinklers. Out of the corner of his eye, Jack could see Lance not getting up. Lance just looked up at the ceiling wondering were all this went wrong. Jack let out a cold smirk and made his way outside and eventually found Ashley and the others. Ashley hugged him tightly as she was worried about him. A short time later Lance walked out rubbing the back of his head.

Ashley: Geez Jack you had me worried.

Jack: Sorry.

Jack was struggling to deal with Ashley being affectionate in public.

Justin: I take it you got separated while trying to clean up?

Jack: Huh? Oh yeah. I was getting napkins when the water came down.

Blossom: Does this happen often?

Ashley: I doubt it. Maybe they burnt some food.

Justin: Or maybe it was a short in the sensor. Right Jack?

Jack: I guess.

Jack could tell that Justin was suspecting him but not ratting him out at the same time.

Blossom: So what do we do now?

Ashley: Well we wait till they let us back in and then we change I guess.

Justin: Well since everyone is changing we won't have to worry about any tardies today.

Jack shrugged as he took off his jacket and wrung it out.

Jack: I wonder if they will let us eat again?


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