Assault by yogurt

Heath and Sam made their way to the table. Rose had been stopped by one of the girl who was in art class with her; that was needing her opinion on something. Rose told the other two to go ahead and make their announcement. After all, she knew what it was and there was no reason to wait.
Heath and Sam go to the table; holding hands. Kyle, Dawn, and a few other people smiled at them. Then Kyle asked. "Does this mean what I think it means?"
Heath nodded. "Yes. We're officially dating."
From their own table, there were a bunch of congratulations and people being happy for them and, of course, the friendly joking with things like "It's about time". From the rich kids' table,

JD watches as Ashley, Jack, Blossom, and Justin walk into the cafeteria and get their food JD had been watching the rich kids table on and off they were still making their rude comments now and then. they seem to be talking and whispering to one other as they ate.

After the announcement of Heath and Sam, the rich kids gave mocking laughs. "look the Slum monkeys are going to mate. You would think they would have better breeding options." said Lance out loud. One of the rich Cheer girls said laughing "and the Princess has stooped to being in the slums with the little monkeys. She even was seen with one how She has fallen from the grace of the chosen." Lance cut in "it's all good we need more workers in the field we need someone to put under our feet." said Lance.

One of the cheer girls changed positions at the rich kid's table. Jd looked in that direction seeing the movement out of the corner of his eye. somthing inside of him that small voice of his father said "ready" he saw the Cheers girls arm move. for a split second JD thought what is he doing? JD focuses on what was flying towards the table a little white container with red marking. you could hear the Girl say "Go with the slum monkeys Princess" A thousand scenarios flash through his mind. as it reached the table JD was sitting at. He just said "Cover" quietly. He jumps up and wrapped his arms around Rose as the container of yogurt hits his back the sound of yogurt splattering and the container hitting the ground and bouncing a few times coming to a stop. "what the Fuck!" yelled Conner now with spots of yogurt on him. others got hit to at the table with a little spry of yogurt. JD took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. he was thinking last night about how the first hug might go this was not it.

JD smiled then said "this is not how I wanted our first hug to go" as he stood the yogurt sliding down his back. as Conner stood to his feet with a look on his face some was going to pay. JD turned to place his hand on his shoulder "now is not the time or place for that" he said reassuringly.
The room got really quiet people were gasping and others whispering.

Lance was about to stand when Elena grabbed his arm and pulled him back down. "Don't lance not now" she said as the rich stable burst out in laughter.

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