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Summary: A poster boy for the rich and shameless in sports

Lance Harbor

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Gender: Male

Age: 17, Augest 17th

Group: Junior Students




Varsity Football Quarterback
Track Star
Average Student

Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Rich Kid

Physical Appearance

Blonde hair
Blue Eyes
Muscular build

Personality and interests

He loves the spotlight and the attention he gets from being popular with the girls. He comes off as a decent guy but tends to get upset when rejected by girls. He was raised to believe he should be the heartthrob of every girl The best at every sport. Sometimes he will use better judgment if it is too much hassle, but if he is into a girl he has trouble backing off. All of this is thanks to his father.


A poster boy for the rich and shameless in sports. Bred and brainwashed at an early age that he is the most special guy in the world. His father is a pro football coach for the 49s and was a pro football player for 5 years. After a bad hit, he was injured he went back to college got his masters, and got picked up on too the 49s staff. His mother is the typical trophy wife but she does have a degree in Physical education.

He was born in Lincoln, Nebraska his father attended NU.

Favourite Sayings

Hey beautiful where's the fire?
Wow you have beautiful eyes.
If I cant throw the ball I will run it.

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Image of Lance Harbor
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