The Nominations

Takes place the day after the potluck:

The students were all gathered at their respective tables for breakfast when the tell tale sign of a slight crackle got their attention. An announcement was about to be made.

"Good morning, fellow Falcons." The sweet but not soft, female voice spoke over the system. "This is Detre Von Hansen, head of the Homecoming committee."

Detre was a senior, one of the head cheerleaders, and in just about any committee she could shove into her schedule. She was also extremely nice and everyone liked her, which was how she ended up the head of many groups over the years.

"In front of me is the final list for the nominees for Homecoming court. Let's start with our Freshman.

The nominees for Freshman Prince are:
Joey Donner
Seth Drake
Justin Walker
Jack Gomez

For Freshman Princess, the nominees are:
Elena Howard
Roxy Roker
Melissa Morrison
Denise Lambert

Now onto our Sophomores:
Nominations for Sophomore Prince are:
Kyle Foster
Hunter Ritter
Liam Seams
Dante Hawthorne

Nominees for Sophomore Princess are:
Sadie Bartlow
Grace Taylor
Scarlett Wilson
Riley Manning

For our Junior Prince Nominations, we have:
Lance Harbor
Oliver St. Mattes
Arthur Hollingsworth
Conner Mason

For Junior Princess, the nominees are:
Brooke Faraday
Luna Thompson
Ava Henry
Courtney Hellford

And - imagine a drum roll here -

Senior King Nominees:
Noah James
Jake Dells
Conrad Lakeford
And Apollo Forester

Senior Queen Nominations are:
Willow Madden
Emily Whitlock
Maya Elsher
Violet Monroe

All nominees are now on the school website. In order to vote, just use your school login information, click on the ballot for Homecoming Court, follow the instructions and vote. All votes must be cast by next Monday.

Good luck to all the nominees. Have a great day everyone."

As expected the cafeteria erupted with congratulations and talk of the various nominees. For the next few days, Homecoming would be the talk of the school.

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