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Summary: Heiress, fashionista, becoming a YouTube Influencer, Legacy

Sadie Bartlow

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Gender: Female

Age: 15

Group: Sophomore Students




Fashionista, make-up guru, heiress, on her way to becoming a YouTube influencer, cheerleader

Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Rich Kid

Physical Appearance

dark hair, dark eyes, about 5'5" always in fashion (as much as she can be with the uniform)

Personality and interests

Fashion, makeup, she has a YouTube channel that discusses makeup and fashion and is gaining a following. Money, buying stuff.

She is the type of person that has a group of girls that are around her a lot and listen to whatever she has to say about fashion or makeup. She has been spoiled her who life and thinks nothing about judging people based on what they are wearing.


Sadie the youngest daughter and an heiress to the Bartlow fortune. She has an older sister, Sasha, who is now in college and graduated from Sakura last year. The Bartlow's made a majority of their fortune in the travel industry owing a string of luxury resorts and cruise ships, along, with other things.

Sadie's parents always spoiled both of their daughters buying them whatever they want but also both parents were there for their daughters. Both daughters lived at home until they went away to boarding school for high school, at Sakura, where their parents went, and grandparents. The Bartlow's are a legacy family and there is some pressure to maintain a status quo because of it but it's not overwhelming.

A few months ago Sadie started a YouTube channel which talks about fashion and makeup and it's been gaining popularity. Many of the girls and some of the guys from this school watch it on a regular basis and the following outside the school continues to grow.

Favourite Sayings

"I've gotta have that. I'll call Dad."
"So, this was so two months ago."
"I can't believe she (or he) is wearing that."

(her sign off for her show) "Stay beautiful."

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Image of Sadie Bartlow
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