Something is Amiss

Something wasn’t right in Sadie's world. She had the looks, popularity, an attractive and, surprisingly nice, boyfriend. Joey would do, almost, anything she asked of him. He had started helping more on her videos. He waited on her hand and foot when required.

She had increased her following and the term that Sadie had worked so hard for, online influencer, was being used to describe her.

Everything should have been fine, but it wasn't. It probably started when she started seeing Joey, or maybe the first shoot she invited him to. Likely the fact that Sadie realized she actually liked Joey, and didn't want to dump him did not go over well with her girls. Joey was just a part of her life now and her entourage was just going to have to deal with it.

That's what Sadie wanted anyway, reality however had other plans. First, only about half the girls showed up at the last shoot. Then there was the whispering in front of her face. Secrets she clearly wasn't a part of.

She won Sophomore Princess for homecoming court and her girls congratulated her but it didn't seem genuine. Then Saturday night came, Sadie had gone out to dinner with Joey. They had gone early so her girls could get ready in her room, and help each other, like they always did.

Sadie returned, and let the girls know they could come to her room to get ready. She was told they thought she'd be busy with Joey, and they all agreed to get changed in Marcie's room, who was one of the entourage. Despite Sadie knowing she clearly told them the plan, and despite it being a tradition that they got ready in her room, she let it go and just got ready on her own.

Now Sadie was at the dance, the court dance was over and she and Joey had gone to the table where her girl's were. When she got there however there weren't any empty seats.

"Well, I'm sure Joey could pull two chairs over." Marcy commented.

Joey did but the moments spent at that table were torture, as the other girls stared at Joey and Sadie, and whispered to each other. Leaving Sadie out. Not being able to take anymore and having no idea why this was happening, she had Joey dance with her and said that maybe they should spend the rest of the night at the other rich kids table with Lance and that crew. That was, after all, were Joey's friends were - she pretended that it was just being fair to him. Not figuring the boy had caught on to what was really happening.

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