Game Day Blues

The football game was over. Everyone was in the locker room sitting quietly. There was the occasional glare from the other players. it was so quiet you could hear the water dipping in the showers. The room smelled of boys that had worked hard sweat dripping on the floor. But not all were sweating from work some were waiting for the coach to enter the locker room.

The door burst open to the locker room. The coach walked in his anger was intense the disappointed look on his face apparent. "What the hell was that out there on the field? This little rivalry between Scalership and rich kids ends now!" yelled Coach Warburton. "yes the staff knows all about that. I don't care where you come from or who your parents are. You will act as a team or you won't play. I make that promise to you all." said Coach Warburton still yelling. " To prove This, Lance! you are bentched. Be lucky I don't kick you off the team." said the Coach now standing in the center of the locker room. I should make you guys go back out there and run until you fall down. I will wait until tomorrow." The Coach said still yelling.

Warburton looked at Ethan. "You are now quarterback for now." said the Coach now in a more normal tone. " All of you are a disappointment right now. You let your personal life get in the way of the game and now you all look like fools and the school looks bad."

The Coach looked at Lance again. "You are also the equipment manager for a month. So you have towel duty. and laundry this weekend." instructed Coach Warburton.
He looked at everyone and then shook his head. Then walked off to his office he stopped at the door "Everyone out 20 minutes I am not asking.

Everyone glared at Lance. Lance felt terrible. Not so much about not throwing the ball to the trader but losing the game and the other players. Lance felt a sinking feeling in his chest. as the team gave him the cold shoulder. sometimes even running into him on purpose.

Lance was now getting what he use to do to others and encouraging his friends to do. He was getting angry thinking how dare they do this to me as bitterness started to build up in him. It was not long before he had the locker room clean and Coach Warburton released Lance.

Lance walks out into the gym Elena was waiting she smiled at him. As he walked up and embraced him then kissed him. He relaxed at the touch of her lips. then she stepped back "Now what was that!" then slapped him across the face hard. "You can be such an ass hole," she said loudly.

Lance was stunned. Elena had tears in her eyes "Now I have to go to the Dace how do I face our, my friends?" she yelled at Lance even my cheer team gave me a hard time. why? because you are not a team player!" said Elena yelling in his face. he turned and started to walk away Lance was about to go after her. Elena turned her head to the side and looked back "Don't! Follow me. I will see you at the dance.

If Lance was not pissed before he was now. as he walked to his room to change.

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