Harper had gone to the Battle of the Bands but then went back to the dorms. She had a private practice in the morning and her coach would have thrown a fit if the gymnast was tired from staying up all night.

She had been asleep until her roommate/former best friend, Teresa, got back and woke her up. The two had been friends for years, but then Harper's family lost their money and Teresa started hanging with the rich kids, turning into someone Harper didn't recognize.

They normally ignored each other but tonight Teresa decided she wanted to wake up her roommate to tell her what had happened at the club. Doug,Mel, Conner, the shooting.

Harper knew Mel pretty well, and everyone knew Conner it seemed. Then there was Doug, who had asked out Harper once upon a time - but she turned him down. Good thing, as it turned out.

Words about Rose and Courtney being trapped in the bathroom. More words about the group being there. The group, of a mixture of any kind. Harper knew some of the people in the group. - she was quickly becoming good friends with Kaylee. Rose and Sam were gymnastics teammates. Mel, Ashley, Blossom, Kaylee all cheerleading teammates.

Something about it was Conner who got shot. Harper thought it was awful but her roommate was just about how - oh, Conner will be fine - I think. Not making fun of Conner but Teresa didn't seem particularly to care that much.

Harper's phone buzzed, a text from Kaylee, she needed a change of clothes, would explain when Harper got there. It wasn't past curfew but would be by the time Harper got there and back. So, she talked to the front desk and headed off to the hospital. With one of her shirts shoved into her small purple backpack, purse thing.

The girl found the waiting area quickly, but no Kaylee. She did find Sam who filled her in, that Kaylee was visiting with Conner.

However, it didn't take a moment before Harper spotted someone knew, "Who's that?"

Sam took her arm, "Come with me." Leading the girl to the newcomer.

"Harper, I'd like you to meet Timber." Sam began, "Timber this is Harper."

"It's nice to meet you Timber," Harper said, "I'm guessing you're new?.”

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