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Summary: Timber is the exemplar of self-esteem and confidence.

Timber Noah Thompson

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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Sophomore Students


American. Timber grew up on a corn farm in Iowa. The family also raised pigs.


Wrestler, Mathematics, Strategy, and Logic

Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Has a wrestling scholarship.

Physical Appearance

Timber is 5’11” and weighs 166 pounds at the moment, which makes Timber quite lean. Curly brown hair. Hazel eyes; green outer edge, brown inward; sometimes appear golden.

Personality and interests

Wrestling, Girls, Checking out the beach scene, Camping, Hiking


Timber is a good ol’ farm boy. He dresses in cowboy or hiking boots, jeans, and western style button down shirts when not in school.

His freshman year at Fort Dodge High School, back in Iowa, Timber finished third in the state at the 170 pound weight class.

This opened the eyes of a lot of private school coaches. Timber accepted the scholarship as a chance to see someplace other than Iowa. His father said it would be a great opportunity for Timber to see what is out there other than farming. Timber’s mom doesn’t like him being so far from home, but as long as Timber face times her every evening, she’s fine with it.

The family has conservative religious roots. Timber hasn’t solidified on those roots as of yet, exploring his own way. Still, the foundation of his upbringing is deep within him.

Timber hates being called Tim, or worse yet, Timmy. Timber works quite well with his style. It sounds western.

His teammates in Iowa called Timber TNT, not just because it was his initials, but because Timber was dynamite on the mat. His record as a freshman was 23-5. Timber only lost to three opponents: the two who finished ahead of him at states; and another where Timber wrestled up at the 191 pound weight class. Even though he lost the match, Timber didn’t get pinned, his opponent scoring a regular decision, the opposing team scoring three points less. This allowed Fort Dodge to win the match by a mere point. Because of his sacrifice, Timber was awarded the Team Heartbeat Trophy at the awards dinner.

Favourite Sayings

“One, two, three…pinned!”

“Timber! I’m falling for you, girl!”

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Image of Timber Noah Thompson
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