JP with Redsword, Jaxx and Cindy

Courtney had called her own parents, and ended up talking to a majority of her brothers and various other relatives, so her call was taking a while. Matt had called their parents for both him and Kaylee, and of course they wanted to speak to Kaylee as well. Sam called her mom, who would talk to her dad. Kyle called his dad, who offered their manson in LA if the group wanted or needed a break. And it seemed as if everyone, or nearly were contacting their parents.

Rose glanced around again, her call had taken less than thirty seconds, and on top of that, given her past, hospitals weren't a place she wanted to be. JDs parents were there so she lightly kissed him on the cheek and said she would be back in a few minutes. The girl wanted to get some air and check on Mel, as she seemed like the only one free to do so at the moment.

While all this was going on Dr. Sydney Williams, the head counselor to the school, appeared. Apparently, she had been called. She spoke with JD'S parents first, as Conner's parents were with Conner at the moment, and was filled in on Conner's condition. Then, upon hearing Conner was for the most part alright, she asked, to the students in the waiting area. "I will need to speak to most of you over the next few days, but can anyone who witnessed most of what happened fill me in. And did anyone see where Melissa went?"

Courtney interrupted her call long enough to explain where Mel had gone, and Kyle and Matt both offered to fill in the doctor. So, they both went with her to a quieter area.

Blossom was still nervous about the whole incident as she looked around and then spoke up as she told Dr. Williams that she saw Doug trying to kidnap Mel and he had a gun. She then told her about running to get help and Conner was the first she told before he ran off to help Mel. Blossom then managed to tell more people till they heard a gunshot and then it got very crazy. She then told her that Mel went out for some air. Ashley held Blossom’s hand to support her. It was sweet to see how close they were.

Dr. Williams thanked Blossom, and told the girl if she needed anything to come see her. Sydney then went about talking to some other students.

Kyle and Matt filled the doctor in with as much as they witnessed. Blossom saw more than almost anyone there, at least at the start of everything.

Mel returned and she noticed that Dr. Williams had arrived. The girl already knew she would have to speak with the head counselor, so, when the two boys were done she sat down and said what had happened. Mel noticed Timber wasn't in the room, and hoped she didn't drive him away.

Kaylee was getting a little antsy, wanting to see Conner. She knew his parents took priority, and of course that made sense but she just really wanted to see him.

When Conner's parents came out, Conner's mother looked at Kaylee, tilted her head slightly to the right, and just stared at Kaylee for a moment. She smiled at her and walked over to Kaylee "fiancé?" She said out loud so everyone could hear. "when were you and Conner going to tell me?" Conner's mother's tone was hard to figure out if she was joking or not.

Kaylee bit back a smile, she didn't know what Conners mom was thinking about the situation. "It was the only way to get to ride in the ambulance with him. If we ever really get engaged, pretty sure you'd be the one of the first to know." Well, Conner's parents and Kaylee's would be the first.

By this point Rose had returned and sat back down by JD. She was filled in on Conner, and wondered if JD would want to be one of the first group to see him.

Mel had finished with Dr. Williams when she noticed Dante had showed up. Maybe, he'd come to visit Conner with her, when the time came, as she could use the moral support.

When Conner's mom asked about Kaylee about being Conner's fiancé it got the attention of several people in the room. Roxy almost snarfed her coffee, Ashley dropped her jaw in shock, Jack sighed as he drank his coffee, Blossom covered her mouth and turned beet red and Justin also covered his mouth to cover his big grin since he did love juicy gossip. They looked at little Kaylee as if she just passed gas in a church with shock and quietly waited to see her response.

Conner's mother smiled "Let us hope so Kaylee. It is understandable but let us wait about 5 tears more before that comes up again maybe?" commented Conner's mother with a smile and a hug. Conner's father just chuckled at the hole seen.

Several of the students snickered as they saw how well Conner's mom handled the whole fiancé conversation with Kaylee. Justin gave Kyle a nudge with the elbow as he whispered, "You think they will let me make her dress?”

JD looked at Rose with a smile and a grin. JD's mother picked up on that. "I do not think so JD," Said JD's mom with a stern look. JD looked back at his mom. With the best innocent face, he could. "What, What did I do?" replied JD.

Kaylee let her smile show through now that it was safe to do so, and returned the hug. "Deal," She commented to Conner's mom's words.

"Kyle smiled at Justin, "I think, when those two get to a real engagement, you should definitely ask her. I think any bride would love having a dress designed by you."

Kaylee was given the go ahead to see Conner, it was also announced their could be four at a time. Matt agreed to go with Kaylee being that Courtney offered to go with Mel.

Rose just breathed a laugh at the comments between JD and his mom. When Kaylee came over to them, "You two," meaning JD and Rose, "Do you want to come with Matt and I to see Conner?”

"That would be great. I have no problem with that." Replied JD. Smiling at Conner's mother "I can go see my brother right?" JD said standing with a big smile. JD's mom shook her head "Why, me" she commented then smiled.

"Sure," Rose said. Before the four of them went to Conner's room.

Courtney noticed the reaction of some of the people upon the finance comment, she wanted to laugh but held back. She knew it wasn't real but it was interesting to see the responses.

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