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Summary: Mature Friendly Artist

Heath Vincent

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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Junior Students





Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Scholarship Student

Physical Appearance

About 6'2", wavy hair, blue eyes. He has a few piercings, an artistic look.

Personality and interests

Heath is friendly; he can come across as older than his 16 years. He gets along with most people but doesn't really care about popularity. He tends to be the calm in a storm and the perfect person to come to if your world is falling apart, because, he try to help you. At first appearance, he might look like a bit of a rebel but he really isn't. Not that he doesn't ever act like a teenager, he's just had to grow up quicker than some kids. He's has a straight-A average but it's more because he works at it, knowing the only way he'll get to college is with a scholarship.

Heath's interest involve art, especially sculpting and history and he is good in both areas. He's not into sports but will go watch games and such to support the teams and hang out with his friends.


Heath was born in Manhattan, NY and for the first 12 years of his life was an only child who was adored by his parents. When he was 12 things began to change.
His parents had his younger brother, Sean, and his love of art started to develop more.
While his father was fine with Heath enjoying art as a child, he thought his oldest son should start to become more serious about his future. He really wanted Heath to become a lawyer like he was or maybe a business executive, like his mother. Even a doctor would have worked but he didn't see art as a viable option and let Heath know it every chance he got.
The older his little brother got, the worse the fights between him and his Dad got. It went from art to just about everything Heath did; Heath couldn't even breathe the correct way.
The older his little brother got, the more it became apparent that Sean was the favorite. Sean showed an early interest in law and wanted to know everything about his Dad's work.
His mother tried, at first, to make things better between father and his oldest son but that only seemed to make it worse. Eventually, she gave up and stopped intervening between them.
Things came to a head when Heath was in ninth grade. He had been at an art exhibit for an artist he really liked and came home 10 minutes after his curfew. His father was waiting for him and when asked where he had been, Heath told the truth. That lead to a blowup between the two. The argued for 2 hours until his father finally said "Get out!"
His father threw him out and his mother just sat there comforting his younger brother. Heath packed up some clothes, took the money he had saved, which wasn't much and left.
He ended up at the door of his best friend, who was where Heath always went when things got bad at home. He had texted his friend ahead of time and so when he arrived; he had a guest room waiting for him.
His friend and his friend's parents had talked and he could stay there as long as he needed. Problem was, of course, he wasn't legally their child.

His friend's parents tried to intervene but his father kept saying that Heath wasn't welcomed back. They eventually got his parents to sign over custody.

His friend's family was large (6 kids), close and while they weren't poor, another mouth to feed streched their wallet a bit. Then Heath found out that his friend's parents were expecting another child. He knew they would never ask him to leave and would never let him leave unless they knew he was going someplace safe.

He went searching for scholarships to boarding schools. He found a school willing to give him a scholarship and took it. He started at the school at the beginning of last year as a Sophmore. He misses his friends and the family but goes and visits them when he can.

Favourite Sayings

"It's good." "Maybe, you should think about that before doing it."

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