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The Longest Yard

It was now Homecoming Week. The students of Sakura High School were busy getting through classes and their extra school activities so they could enjoy the big football game on Friday......minus a certain Doug Jefferson who was no longer on the team. Due to his head injury Charlie Tweeder was on the bench in his jersey. As the staff and students cheered on the Blue Falcons Football team from the stands the Blue falcon band members played along while the Blue Falcon cheer squad shook their pom poms and got the crowd moving. It was a very loud game as the food vendors were selling lots of food, drinks and merchandise.

The team they were going to play against was the Edison Chargers from Huntington California. The were dawning their green and yellow colors on the opposite side of the stadium. Despite it being an away game for the Chargers, they had a lot of fans show up in hopes of winning another game. They had a good history of winning a lot of games and made it to state many times. After the whistle was blown the Edison Band played as the Chargers burst out of their locker room to make their presense on the field.

Edison (Huntington Beach) Chargers

Then after the Chargers moved to the sidelines the Sakura band played their song to get the Falcon fans ready to cheer on their team. The mighty Blue Falcons charged through the smoke and props as they riled up the fans.

Sakura High Blue Falcons

Once the song died down the Falcon football team moved to the sidelines and the two team Captains moved to do the coin flip. Lance was feeling proud and full of himself as he won the coin toss. After getting organized and riled up by the coach the Blue Falcons took the team to face off against the Edison Chargers. Both teams seemed full of power and aggression as they struggled to score on each other. Oddly enough As Carter was playing he was also struggling as his fellow "rich kid" teammates deemed it necessary to sabotage him. Every now and then poor Carter was tripped by his own team, blocked by his own team and avoided when he was clearly open. It was obvious that Lance was not going to throw the ball at him regardless of the situation. Eventually both sides manage to score and by halftime the score was Falcons 17 and Chargers 14.

Then the football teams made their way to the locker rooms as the band played on the field. The Coach Warburton grilled the team for making their mistakes. Sadly he was cut short as the members who were up for Court had to leave. Since it was for the whole school the whole team got to watch from the sidelines. Then as everyone was in position the announcer told the crowd who the selected winners of Court were due to unanimous decision. The band would play along to rile up the crowd as each pair was selected and announced.

Game with Court

Court Members
Princess Melissa Morrison - Prince Justin
Princess Roxy Roker - Prince Jack Gomez

Justin was quite the white knight as he properly escorted a very surprised Melissa to their appointed spot on the field. Jack on the other hand was almost dragged onto the field by a very excited Ashley, who had rigged the election with her charm and iron fist. Jack was a nervous nelly as he was in the spotlight and unable to escape from Ashley's iron grip. She "encouraged" him to smile and wave if he wanted to stay on her good side. Sadly Jack had no choice but to submit to his domineering girlfriend.

Princess Riley Manning - Prince Kyle
Princess Sadie Bartlow - Prince Dante

The Sophomores took the field as they smiled and waved to the crowd.

Princess Brooke Faraday - Prince Connor Mason
Princess Courtney Hellford - Prince Lance Harbor

The Juniors took the field as they smiled and waved to the crowd. Lance was trying to play it suave as he walked on the field but he was a bit sore from a few sacks he received from the game.

Queen Lauren Winthorpe - King Maximillian Winchester

The Seniors took the field as they smiled and waved to the crowd since it was their time to shine. This was their last year at Sakura so they hammed it up as best as they could.

After the Court ceremony, the two football teams took to the field again and fought hard to score on the mighty gridiron. Once again both teams maned to score a few times as they ended up in the fourth quarter with the score of 31 to 31. Despite avoiding Carter who was practically open all the time, Lance managed to keep the team somewhat organized. Carter was bruised up as he took several cheap hits from his "rich kids" teammates. Then as the Chargers had the ball and threw a long pass, it was intercepted by the Blue falcon defense who returned the ball all the way to the 40 yard line past in Charger territory as the two minute warning was signaled. After switching with the Offensive team, Lance had a big ego and intended to win his way despite the coaches' words of wisdom. Then after the ball was hiked Lance moved back to find an open player and only Carter was open. Refusing to throw to Carter, Lance took his time and almost got sacked three times before he threw the ball to another player who got free. Then Lance got plowed as he was sacked hard.

The ball looked like it was moving in slow motion heading to the open player. The crowd watched in anticipation as the ball spiraled to the open runner. Then as the runner for the Blue Falcons reached for the ball, a Charger cut him off and intercepted the ball in a flash. This was a shock to all the players in blue as they were unable to stop the quick Charger player who was running along the sideline. Lance didn't know his pass was intercepted as he was gasping for air on the ground. Cater was frustrated as he watched the runner in yellow and green heading towards their endzone. the Falcon fans were literally irate as their team was going to loose on Homecoming.

By chance one of the Blue Falcons managed to tackle the Charger at the 30 yard line near the Falcon's endzone. The Chargers quickly called a time out and switched to the kicker team. The Falcons had little time to send out their defense team with 20 seconds on the clock. Then as the ball was snapped the kicker kicked the ball into the air. The mighty Blue Falcon team, cheer squad and fans could feel their hearts sinking into their stomachs as the field goal was good and the Chargers one the game. It was bitter sweet as they Falcons lost their Homecoming game. Then to add insult to injury the sky flashed and the air was filled with the crack of a thunder sound. Then it began raining which caused everyone to leave the stadium and return home or back to school. The tension was high as everyone was dripping wet as Coach Warburton gave them a tongue lashing for their selfish playing. He especially grilled Lance for his poor judgment and blamed him for not leading the team to victory. As punishment they would be doing extra laps till they could correct their perspective.

Of course Ashley and Roxy used this time to kidnap poor Jack and took him to an equipment shed that was left open. Poor Jack wanted to escape but soon found he was trapped as he was treated like a piece of meat. The lack of blood in his brain made it hard to think as he was being decorated by hickies in his neck and chest. When they were done with him he felt violated and unable to be a groom. Ashley teased him said he was already spoken for so it was not a big deal. After getting back late to his dorm room he got teased by Justin who pointed out the hickies.


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