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Summary: Smart, Achiever, Nice

Dr. Sydney Williams, NPC

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Gender: Female

Age: 30

Group: Staff




School Psychologist and Head Guidance Counselor

Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student


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Personality and interests

She is generally just a nice person that honestly wants to help the kids that need it. She has some pull in a few universities to get kids. She knows that she's not the kids' friends but many of the students think of her as the guidance counselor more in touch with teenagers than others.


Dr. Williams comes from both sides of the type of students at Sakura. Her family had money when she was growing up but then lost it due to poor investments on her father's side. She was always a high achiever, graduating both high school and college early and eventually earning her doctorate in psychology with an emphasis on adolesence. The school was looking for someone with her creditials to act as both the school psychologist and head guidence counselor.

Favourite Sayings

"Let's talk"
"Could you come in here please?"
"I like to build trust."

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Image of Dr. Sydney Williams,  NPC
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