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Dante had stepped away from Jocelyn while she took a seat to rest and change her shoes. While Dante made the rounds, checking in with people he knew that were also taking a break before looking for Mel. Dante looked around and saw her trying to look nonchalant and looking away, not from him but someone. Likely Doug but Dante didn't see him from this angle. He made his way over putting himself between the two, Dante didn't see Doug, but could guess where he was with Mel's averted gaze. So Dante put his back to Doug. Making sure he'd be blocking his glare. Dante wasn't a wall of a man but he was far big enough and tall enough Doug would see nothing but his back.

"Hey." Dante said, getting Mel's attention. His accent slightly stronger than normal. "You want to dance?"

Melissa had been sipping some water and trying to ignore Doug but she could feel his glare on the back of her neck. It was unnerving, to say the least, like the boy was just waiting to pounce.

She should have realized this might happen, Doug had been extremely possessive of her. Mel knew guys like Doug tend to cling on, not let go, and sometimes the fall out doesn't matter to them. She had hoped that maybe that wouldn't be the case - but she should have known better.

Upon seeing Dante block Doug's view, Mel couldn't help but grin slightly. She didn't know that Dante hadn't seen him but it didn't really matter.

"Sure," Mel responded to the invitation with a smile.

She got up and went with Dante to the dance floor. Melissa's back was towards Doug as she began to dance with Dante.


Doug saw this little display and crushed the empty cup in front of him, without even realizing it. All the other guys she had danced with had brought up Doug's anger but Dante - that was likely more than Doug could deal with.

As the two stepped close to the center of the dance floor the Song that started playing Dante knew, and knowing the lyrics he smiled a devilish smile, at least on the inside. If this had been a cartoon he'd have a cheering devil on his shoulder. Wasn't something Dante was used to feeling enjoyment from. It wasn't that he couldn't be mean, he just didn't enjoy it. Make him feel too much like his dear old dad. But Doug, he was a special case. Not many made that list, it took a lot to really actually make Dante mad but Doug fit that bill. So it was fun in a way to make him boil. Especially since Dante had a secret over on Doug. Which added to the fun. Of course he'd have danced with Mel, Doug or no but still added bonus.

"Everything okay tonight?" Dante asked Mel.

Melissa also was familiar with the song, she probably would have laughed, if the underlying fear of Doug trying something wasn't lingering inside herself.

The blonde freshman just kept telling herself that Doug had never done anything physical in public before, they were broken up, there was the video that she had on Doug and her friends that were willing to help.

"Yeah, it's been fun - well mostly," really her only problem had been Doug.

Doug had reached his limit, boiling over the top. A reasonable person would have walked away, gone outside, gotten some air but of course reasonable and Doug didn't even belong in the same sentence.

As Melissa and Dante danced to that song, with those words, Doug's mind twisted the facts into some imaginary version of what was actually occurring. To Doug, Dante had planned the song for Mel. The two were talking about when they were going to hook up, again, in a cheap motel because Dante couldn't afford anything else. It didn't matter what the truth was, he had that scenario in his head and it made him see nothing but rage.

Doug started towards Mel.

Mel was talking to Dante about her evening and asking about his when she felt herself being forcefully turned around.

The unsuspected touch on her shoulder made her jump and while Doug still managed to turn her, the reaction caught him off guard and Melissa managed to back away from him before he was actually able to hit her.

The moment Mel pulled away from Doug and had taken a step back Dante put out an arm, gently guiding her behind him. Getting her well behind him enough she could back away and Dante could still block Doug. Dante guessed they were about equally as fast as each other but Dante was ready if Doug got the bright idea to try to juke past him.

"I think you should walk away." Dante said, his face still jovial but his tone was anything but, a smile went across his face but it never reached his eyes. "That isn't a suggestion," he added.

The next thing, Mel knew Dante had gotten between her and Doug, preventing anything else from happening to her.

She stood there stunned for a moment before feeling a much more gentle tap and a male voice with a soft tone say, "Mel, let's move you back."

When the words hit her ears, the girl realized it was Kyle and Dawn was near him.

Doug approaching Mel had coincided with Kyle saying he needed a drink and asking Justin if he wanted one.

Dawn and April hadn't been very far from where Dante and Mel were dancing.

Both Dawn and Kyle noticed something bad was about to happen and they reached Mel at the same time.

Mel nodded to Kyle and the three of them backed up. Kyle and Dawn were doing their best to try to keep Mel calm and making sure she just stayed out of the way.


"This is none of your business," Doug responded, "It's between me and that slut that you're dancing with."

It was pretty clear that Doug had no intention of waking away.

Doug didn't wait for a response, however, he decided to remove Dante as an obstacle himself and his right arm came up, throwing a right hook towards Dante.

Dante didn't move, didn't flinch and made no move to block or counter that right hook. The punch connected squarely with his face, just to the left of the bridge of the nose. Connecting with a solid meaty thwack. Dante glared at Doug through the open eye that hadn't just been punched.

"You need to watch your mouth." Dante said, one of his big hands suddenly clamped over Doug's mouth, cracking him in the nose. Not hard enough to break but hard enough to draw blood, causing a nosebleed and a busted lip. Dante wasn't going to stoop to Doug's level but he wasn't going to let him get away unharmed. Dante applied more pressure. He wouldn't break it, but he would make his jaw pop, as he applied the needed pressure Doug swung again. Landing a wild haymaker in roughly the same spot as the first. It would swell up for sure.

Dante squeezed a bit harder and started to lift him up. He wasn't strong enough to actually get him off the ground but he could force him to stand on his tiptoes.

Doug hit Dante for a third time in the same eye, and Dante had to let go of his grip. Causing Doug to drop and take a few steps back. "Don't you ever touch me you hick." Doug snapped.

Dante wasn't affected by the comment but he noticed the crowd parting behind Doug and Doug noticed the same behind Dante as the school's security officers were making their way to break up the fight.

Doug couldn't help himself and yelled over towards Melissa.

"You're a bitch. You'll get what's coming to you."

It was then Doug noticed security approaching, he ran straight towards the doors leading outside.

The people on the far end of the dance floor could tell something was going on, as the music stopped, the crowd that gathered in a circle at the other end and security headed towards the circle but they were too far too tell what it was and none of them expected Doug to suddenly dart to that end of the gym.

He pushed some people in his path, not on purpose, they were collateral damage. Courtney for one but barely hard enough to even move her.

Carter and Blossom had been dancing at the far end not too far from the doors and before Carter could move in front of her to prevent it, Doug shoved Blossom. Not hard but enough to push her back, Carter moved quick enough to catch her so she wouldn't fall and get hurt.

Doug ran out the door, security followed soon enough behind him.

Dante turned to Mel. "Hey," he paused a moment, "I gotta run to the restroom and get his contact out before my eye swells totally shut," he told her. "Let the teachers know I didn't run off. I just needed to make sure I wouldn't have a medical issue later." he explained, giving her shoulder a light squeeze. "Stick with the others," he told her. "They'll make sure Doug's friends don't mess with you too." he said before pushing his way through the sea of people.

It wasn't long before he returned, blindly hunting Jocelyn down to get his glasses she was keeping in her purse. "Jesus what happened." she asked, shocked, as she passed them to him. "I'll have to explain later." he said. "Gotta talk to the teachers before I get in any more trouble." He gave her a smile, slightly more squinty than normal. "Back in a flash." he said before heading back to where he left Mel. Knowing the teachers and security were likely already waiting on him.

How things had escalated so quickly, Melissa found herself only able to nod to Dante's request. It was Dawn who told the teachers what Dante said, they seemed to be far more concerned with Doug for the moment.

A teacher pulled Dawn aside, another spoke with Zander. Their questions had more to do with if they had any idea where Doug would go. Unfortunately, they really didn't know.

Kyle realized Mel was shaking, not that he could blame her, and asked Justin to get her a chair. When she sat down, Dr. Williams headed over to her and asked to speak with her. She could tell the girl was upset so as gently as possible asked about what happened. Sydney had purposely said she would handle taking Mel's statement. Mel told her her honest account.

Dante stood by but in view of the teachers. He didn't plan to say anything till asked. At the moment it seemed handled. Melissa had a lot of good friends and of course with the teachers and security around she was in safe hands. So Dante waited, only wincing now and then when he felt the throbbing in his temple and swollen eye.

Once Dr. Williams was done talking with Melissa the counselor told her she would come back and get her in a few minutes as, due to the threats by Doug, Mel's family had to be contacted. She then looked around and headed for Dante.

Dawn and Zander had left the gym to go call their moms. It was something they hated doing but they wanted to tell their moms before the school called them, so their parents weren't caught off guard

After Courtney got barely pushed Matt of course made sure she was alright, she was but pissed at Doug and concerned for Mel. Who the couple made their way to.
Dr. Williams arrived where Dante was. "The nighttime nurse is coming to check on that eye. Are you all right to answer some questions?"

Dante gave an affirming nod. "You didn't need to bother her. It just needs iced, and I got my contacts out before it got bad." he said, "But I guess it's an insurance thing." he gave a small shrug. "Ask away," he told Dr. Williams.

By this point Jocelyn had gotten tired of sitting alone and made her way closer to the situation but staying back enough she wasn't a part of it but close to Dante and Mel's friends.

Sydney nodded, "Yes, it's protocol."

Right at that moment, the doors on the far end opened and the security who had gone after Doug , came back inside, along with the Headmistress. After a moment of speaking to each other, the Headmistress got in the stage with the DJ, who hadn't started the music backup, and made an announcement.

"Attention everyone. Attention." The gym grew slient. "We need you all to help us out with a few things. We are requesting none of the students go outside for the rest of the evening. This a precaution not a punishment. We are going to have pizza delivered and in the cafeteria, we will let everyone know when it arrives.
Also, if anyone has any statements they need to give us about what happened tonight or any information on where Doug Mason might be please find one of the teachers and they will assist you.

The dance will continue in a few minutes. "

The doctor turned back to Dante, "Tell me in, your own words, what happened tonight between yourself and Doug Mason.'

Dante nodded again, clearing his throat a bit. "The person I came with needed a break to change shoes, and I wanted to see what everyone else was up to. I saw Melissa sitting alone looking rather despondent, and noticed Doug staring daggers at her. So I intercepted and asked her to dance. Wouldn't be right to just leave her there and worse could have happened. I know what they say about assumptions but I think that might have been Doug's boiling point. He already didn't like me, so this was the straw that broke the camels back. He attempted to pull Mel away, she managed to pull herself away before he could get a grip, I guided her behind me to her friends. Told Doug to leave, he called Melissa a few ungentlemanly words and punched me in the eye. So I shut his mouth for him, he then hit me twice more before I had to let go. I'll be honest I'm pretty certain I either split his lip or gave him a nose bleed because I had blood on the hand I covered his mouth with." Dante said with honesty, never fumbling his words and never trying to guide himself from trouble.

Before she spoke Dante added. "He'd been getting progressively more aggro the last few days. I don't know where he would be, but I think he has a car he might have left, and I don't know why this was the thing that set him off. Mel's been around plenty of other people tonight." Dante explained. "I'll answer anything else or clarify, best I can."

"Thank you for that information. It goes with what Melissa said. I appreciate your cooperation. I have all I need for now but the police are on there way and might need to talk to you. For now, though, your free to enjoy the rest of the night, as much as you can."

That was it for the moment, Dr. Williams went and got Melissa and the two left with a member of security.

Seeing Dr. Williams leave Dante walked back over to Jocelyn. "We can dance again soon as the nurse makes sure those punches didn't scramble my brain." he joked. "Then..." he paused. "I get to talk to the cops." he explained. "Should be fine I didn't do anything wrong."

Eventually the nurse checked him out, he didn't have a concussion but likely came pretty close, and would have a headache tomorrow along with the goose egg and swollen eye. Not long after two officers arrived, Dante repeated what he told Dr. Williams, though it was more cleaned up and professional and less casual conversation.

Once he was cleared to go Dante went back over to Jocelyn. "Care to keep dancing?" he asked.

"Are you sure? Your eye looks pretty bad." she said.

"I'm not letting that ruin our night," he said, holding his hand out and taking her back to the dance floor.

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