Groove is in The Heart

DJ Song

Rose gave a smile with a polite nod to JD's mom, as the couple continued to dance. Her last school didn't have parents living close enough to chaperone so that was a bit different. The girl moved quite well with the music, she didn't miss a beat despite the interruption.
Kaylee didn't care that there were other girls watching her, jealous of what she had managed to go have with Conner. She was just happy being with him. The large man, she had no idea it was JD's dad until Conner said his name, didn't seem so bad as a chaperone, at least he wasn't ridiculous about it. After JD's Dad walked away, Kaylee grinned, "Only 10? I thought we raised the temperature by at least 20 degrees."
Courtney and Matt were having their own time of being told to separate by one of the staff.
Kyle kept up with Justin when it came to the dancing but being he had never seen Justin dance before, how good Justin wasn't exactly a surprise but he just hadn't known what to expect. "You're a really good dancer." Kyle complimented the other boy.

Carter was having fun with Blossom. They had moved a bit more towards the far end of the gym, so he didn't see what was going on with Mel and Doug.

Maybe the couple that was surprising people was Zander and Riley, no one was surprised that Riley could dance but Zander was quite good at it, as well and people didn't expect that.

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