La Loca

Song Played by the DJ

Galaxy tapped a painted nail on the edge of the cup. "Are you asking me to dance?" they questioned cocking an eyebrow giving the jock a coquettish look.

"Okay." Galaxy said, finishing their drink and extending a hand. "But only if you are a gentleman."

Charlie realized he was not using words very well like he had planned in his head earlier. However as his brain began to recover and begin functioning he realized Galaxy said she would dance with him. Charlie looked like a kid on Christmas as he had a big smile and nodded like an idiot. He replied, "Okay", as he took Galaxy by the hand and began to dance before even realizing what song was being played.


Justin was digging this song as he danced with Kyle with a lot of energy. It almost looked like Justin had been watching Ricky Martin videos and learned his dance moves. Justin loved to dance and had been to many events that had a dance floor. He was hoping he could dance a lot more with Kyle in the future.


Blossom got excited as she heard the fast song as she was dancing with Carter. Granted her moves were less graceful than some she really liked to dance. It was cute to see Blossom shake her groove thing with Carter and she had a big smile as she shook her hips while shaking her dress along. At that point she was only looking at Carter as she danced to the fast beat.


Ashley got super excited to dance to this song with Jack and Roxy. Jack was trying to walk off for a rest till Ashley took him by the hand and made him dance. Seeing as he had little choice he moved along to the beat but it was obvious Jack was a very good dancer. Roxy "Whoo Hoo!" as she gyrated along with Jack and Ashley cheered Jack on to shake his groove thing. It was a bit embarrassing as poor Jack was being treated like a piece of meat by the two females as he danced with them. The sad part was that this song hit home for the three of them since Jack was stuck with two very attractive and crazy females who were not letting him escape.


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