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Summary: Teen Motorhead

Conner Mason

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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Junior Students




Music / drums / pacation / paino
Machanic / Motorhead

Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Rich kid

Physical Appearance

He is a tall muscular build with dark hair. He wears top name blue jeans and T-shirts most of the time and the latest sports fashions normally carry a pair of drum sticks with him.

Personality and interests

Conner is an easy guy to get along with. He likes to party when he can. Always looking out for girls he can pick up on that he thinks would look good in his truck. He works hard in school looking at an engineering degree. He wants to get into gets MIT. he can be a terrible flirt at times. conner loves rock music and some metal.


Conner was born and raised in California. He comes from a rich family his dad is an engineer for aerospace and owns his own company. His mother is an architect one of the best in the state. so money is no problem. he has gone to public school most of his life. His parents thought a private school would give him a better chance to get the best schools for engineering.

Favourite Sayings

Did you know
That is the best car
keep the beat.

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Image of Conner Mason
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