Meeting the Group (and a few enemies)

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Friday (Battle of The Bands day)

The small group walked in to the cafeteria. Sam glanced around and found that a few of their group had made it to the table.

Melissa noticed as well, and said. "Okay, that rather long table in the middle. That's our table." She pointed out the table, so he would know where to go, just in case. "Shall we get some food?" Right when she asked that, a blond girl that looked like she could practically be Sam's sister, walked up to the group. "Rose, hi. This is Timber. Timber meet Rose." Melissa did the greetings.

Off to the side of most of the group sat Jack between Roxy and Ashley. They didn't notice the arrival of Timber since Ashley and Roxy were taking turns feeding a very embarrassed and grouchy Jack. Jack was not to keen on being pampered by both girls, especially in public. The combination of not being allowed to feed himself and the cruel stares of jealousy he could feel from the guys who had a crush on both Ashley and Roxy felt like needles in the back of his head. Ashley and Roxy giggled as they enjoyed the red rad Jack was making as they fed him chicken nuggets dipped in BBQ sauce. Sadly he was unable to protest since they kept feeding him as he managed to swallow his food. At this point Jack was hoping for some kind of distraction to happen so he feed himself for a change.

Timber greeted Rose, then followed Mel and got some food. The chicken club wrap looked delicious. Timber got some apple juice and a peach as well.

Coming back toward the table, Timber took in the sight of two girls feeding a grumpy looking guy. For some reason, Timber couldn’t understand why they would make him grouchy. A guy could get pampered here, he thought.

He caught up with Mel. Her being the first Timber met, he wanted to get to know her most of all. He admired that she has the sound to speak to him first.

“So, what’s up for y’all after classes today?” he asked. “I’m free today to get settled into my room, then I got to meet the wrestling coach, then after that, nothing.”

JD walked up to the table being a little late from his last class. JD first greeted Rose with a kiss and then sat down next to her. "Sorry held up in class," explained JD. Making it very obvious like he always does who Rose was to him like the whole school did not know. But with the new guy there he would make a statement so there was no guessing they were a couple. JD figured this guy was Timber the coach had talked about and the one that might be a challenge to JD.

Rose returned the kiss from JD with a smile.

Another guy who looked almost nerdy came to the table with a pretty girl on his arm, and he was carrying a tray of food for both of them. The two sat down. They arrived just as Timber was asking his question. It was the girl who spoke up. "Oh, I think most of the group is going to the Battle of The Bands. We have a friend who's competing in it. You can come along if you like."

Melissa interjected, pointing out each as she went along. "At the end there is Jack, Roxy and Ashley. Sitting there," pointing across the table a little ways down, "Are Dawn and April. This," pointing at the couple that just joined them, "Is Zander and Riley and that," motioning to the boy that had just kissed Rose. "Is JD. Everyone this is Timber."

Jack felt saved as the introduction to a new guy appeared. Both Roxy and Ashley paused to greet Timber with a smile and a wave. Jack almost smiled as he got a small break from being smothered to death by the affections of both Roxy and Ashley. It was obvious they both had feelings for him, but they were both crazy, doting and relentless so poor Jack was usually overwhelmed by them. To an outsider he looked like a guy who didn't appreciate the attention of two hot girlfriends, but anyone who got to know them two females would know they were wolves in sheep's clothing. Jack used that small moment to wash down his food with his tea. He was glad he could take a breath for a change. Sadly once the novelty of the new guy faded Ashley and Roxy returned to pampering poor Jack despite his protests.

It wasn't long before Dante and Jocelyn made their appearance. Dante was carrying a plastic takeout bag and one of those cardboard drink holders. Once the two and sat down he took the containers out and inspected the first before handing it to Jocelyn and then opened his. The smell of pollo adobo hit before anyone could see the street tacos the two had. Before taking a bit he took a sip of horchata. "Hey a new face. I'm Dante and that's Jocelyn." He cocked a finger introducing her when he noticed her mouth was full.

After a few chews and swallowing Jocelyn made a face that told it was spicy as she gulped down some of her own horchata. "Hi." She responded in an exhale.

JD smiled when he heard the name. "Welcome, Timber," said JD greeting Timber. "Coach has said a lot about you. Looking forward to seeing you on the Mat," says JD then has a mischievous grin.

Timber looked at JD accepting what appeared to be a friendly challenge. He noticed JD was more lean than himself. He may wrestle at the 155 pound weight class. So, Timber realized that they would be good teammates. Perhaps they could help each other prepare for the coming foes they’d need to face.

“I look forward to it,” Timber said as he lifted his juice to JD in a mock toast.

Looking around, he took in everyone around him. The thought struck Timber that he was starting out well, meeting a group that could eventually become good friends.

“Battle of the bands?” Timber grinned. “Sounds like fun! I’m in!”

Lance walks by with Elizabeth of the rich kids "Really, Timber, what, you going to work two jobs to afford it?" said Lance with a snicker and sounding very condescending.

Elizabeth with a fake smile "Of course Mel is always a bottom feeder." Elizabeth stated with a glare of superiority.

Timber looked up, surprised that he had already made an enemy. Perhaps this one was so insecure he needed to put others down. He chose to ignore the rude individual. Maybe this was one who was interested in Mel himself.

When the female insulted Mel, Timber couldn’t contain himself. “Mel is twice the person you are. It’s sad I can tell that and I’ve just met you.”

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