Meeting the New Kid

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Friday, Battle of the Bands Day
About 11:30 AM

Due to a staff meeting, afternoon classes have been canceled for today.

Melissa, Sam and Courtney had been talking when the announcement came over the loud speakers. The girls got quiet and smiled at the idea of not having to rush as much to get ready for tonight.

Melissa had noticed, really so had Sam and Courtney and a number of other people that there had been more staff meetings since Doug's disappearance. Though the upcoming Parent's weekend might have also had something to do with it.

When the announcements ended, Mel noticed someone standing in the court yard. He looked well out of place, more in a cute way.

"Do either of you know who that is?" Melissa asked the other two girls.

Sam and Courtney both glanced over towards the boy but none of the girls made it obvious.

"No," they both said in unison.

Then Courtney spoke up. "Well, no uniform. Actually, he's dressed like some of the guys from back home. If none of us know him, he must be new."

It was really just that it was such a small school, everyone knew who everyone was.

"Maybe, one of us should invite him to sit with our group at lunch?" Sam added.

Melissa swallowed, got up some nerve. "I'll do it."

This didn't go unnoticed by her two friends but they didn't comment.

Melissa walked over to the boy. "Hi," She felt herself start to get tongue tied.

Timber watched the beautiful blond approach him. Timber was relieved, as most girls were shy, feeling Timber was unapproachable. He didn’t understand why that was, thinking perhaps it was his confident approach.

When she said, “Hi!” To him, Timber nodded in a positive way.

“Howdy!” came the bold reply from Timber. “Well, ain’t you pretty as a peach in June!”

Sometimes his boldness got him in trouble. It was just his way; something wrestling had brought out from inside him. Hopefully, it wouldn’t cause him to get started on the wrong foot here at Sakura, so far from home.

Melissa could feel a warmth rise on her cheeks at his compliment. She could honestly say no one had ever said those exact words to her.

"Thank you," Mel responded. "Umm.... I...I mean my friends and I were wondering if you'd like to sit with us and our group of friends for lunch." Feeling like she sounded stupid. Talking with boys was something she used to be good at, too good perhaps but still - before Doug that was. Now, she didn't even know what to say, or well Mel felt that way.

Timber glanced back at the two girls with Mel. That were both as hot as her, but Mel was the one with guts to approach Timber. That went a long way with him.

Turning his attention back to Mel, Timber smiled. “It would be my pleasure! Is that where you all are heading? I’ll walk along with you.”

"Yes, I should warn you though we're a large group but everyone's friendly." Melissa hoped that didn't scare him off. "I'm Melissa, by the way, but everyone calls me Mel."

Timber reached out his hand in greeting. “Lead on pretty lady!” he spoke with a grin, displaying the dimples on each cheek. “The name’s Timber. Most call me Timber.” He chuckled. “Not Tim. And definitely not Timmy!” he announced as they approached the other girls.

“I just arrived from Fort Dodge, Iowa. That’s why I’m dressed in my own clothes.” He looked at the guys around in their suits. “We really gotta dress like that, eh? Don’t get me wrong,” he insisted. “You ladies all look nice in your skirts. I just ain’t comfortable in a tie and coat.”

"Thanks. Yup, that's the school uniform." The tallest of the three girls responded. "The school does enforce the dress code but the good news is it's only during classes that we have to wear the uniforms."

Melissa spoke up again, gesturing to the tall girl "That's Courtney, and the shorter blonde. "And that's Sam. Courtney and Sam, this is Timber."

"Hi," Sam greeted the boy. "It's nice to meet you and thanks for the compliment."

"So, Iowa huh? I'm from Belt Buckle, Tennessee so let me tell you California is its own world but its fun." Courtney explained.

"Truth." Sam commented. "Shall we head to lunch?"

Timber was away from home for the first time by himself. Already though, he was feeling content. Being in the company of three gorgeous girls was a plus. He was beginning to think this was one of the best things to have happened to him.

“I’m hungry but can’t eat a big lunch,” Timber affirmed. “I Gotta watch my weight or else I’ll need to work extra hard to drop it.”

Timber thought of what Courtney said. “So what do we do for fun after classes and practices?”

"Well, you're in luck then. Many of the students here are athletes so there are plenty of options." Sam explained. "And the food is actually pretty good."

Courtney thought for a moment, "Outside of school events like dances or trips. The beach is literally across the street. There's a number of places to eat, coffee shops, places like that."

"A boardwalk." Melissa added. "Conner, JD and Riley are from around here. They'll have more ideas of things to do."

They walked to the doors and went inside, near the cafeteria Courtney broke off from the group, a little, straight up to a boy and the two of them kissed. She took the boys arms. "Timber, this is my boyfriend Matt, Matt this is Timber."

"Nice to meet you," Matt said.

“Same!” Timber replied. He saw that Matt was fit and assumed he was an athlete. He looked at most of the students. A lot of them appeared to be athletes.

“I see what you mean by a lot of athletes,” Timber proclaimed, feeling lucky that he was chosen to wrestle here. Not that he thought he’d do poorly; he knew he would win. However, Sakura could have their pick from any state. Why Iowa? What did they see in him they couldn’t find within the huge state of California. Looking at Mel, Timber was glad they chose him.

“So, let’s get something to eat and join your friends,” he offered to Mel.

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