New Scholarship Kid In Town

Timber Thompson and his parents had finished meeting with Head Mistress Perkey. As they talked with her, Timber noticed Miss Perkey seeming to take notes. He commented to himself, What’s she doing? Writing a book? She seemed to be the consummate of observer, commenting and taking note of her observations.

After the meeting, it was time to unload what Timber had brought along. They carried the items to Timber’s new room. He wondered if he had a roommate. Timber wasn’t used to sharing a space, and wasn’t sure how he would react if the other was so different than himself.

Then, came the time to say good-bye. Dad puffed his chest, proud that his son was making something of himself. Mom had tears in her eyes. Saying good-bye was tough. They were a good family, spending bonding time together quite often. When it wasn’t farming or chore time, Dad and Timber would hunt game on their grounds. Mom and Timber would share heart-to-heart talks. Not that Dad couldn’t have those talks. Mom was the nurturer.

When the good-byes were done over, Timber watched as Dad and Mom drove off in the pickup truck. He couldn’t believe he was on his own. Looking around, Timber noticed several teen boys in their suit and ties. He looked down at his jeans, western shirt, and boots, not liking that he would need to dress like them in this school. Then, he saw the girls in their skirts. A grin came across the features of his face. That’s when the thought crossed his mind, I could get used to this!

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