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Summary: Tomboy, Southern, Farm Girl.

Courtney Hellford

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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Junior Students


American (Bell Buckle, TN)


She can fix engines in cars, motorcycles, and tractors. She is fast and athletic. Track/field, basketball, softball, and baseball.

Rich Kid/Scholoarships Student

Scholarship students

Physical Appearance

Long brunette hair. Dark eyes. She keeps a tan from being outside so much between sports and working on cars. When not dressed in her uniform (sports or school) she is usually in jeans and t-shirts, casual clothing. She's about 5'5" with an athletic, but build.

Personality and interests

Her biggest interests are anything mechanical. Engines. Cars. Motorcycles. Sports.

Courtney is a tomboy, Southern, and a farm girl. She loves working on engines and machines and sports. She is friendly, outgoing and a good friend. She does have a softer side but doesn't show it that often.


After having 6 boys; Maxwell and Felicia Hellsford were overjoyed and surprised to find out they were having a baby girl. They named their daughter Courtney, after Maxwell's mother.

Felicia had dreams of dressing up her daughter in girl clothes. Ribbons, lace, dresses, the works. And when Courtney was a baby, of course, she got to do all of that. However, by the time Courtney was three, it was becoming clear that she really disliked being put in all of those girl clothes and would rather spend time with her brothers; rough and tumble play. Then playing with stereotypical girl toys.

As she grew, she turned more into a tomboy. Her oldest brothers and their Dad taught her how to work on engines and she took to it immediately. Which helped out the family being they lived on a working farm. By she was 14 she could take apart most engines and put them back together again.
Her love of sports through her mom enjoyed with the rest of the family and it was something they all shared. Courtney took to sports as easily as she took to fixing engines and in 7th grade was allowed to practice with the varsity team in the high school; though due to age restrictions she couldn't participate.
She started high school in her home town but midway through her freshman year she was recruited by a small private school in California because they wanted her on their teams. Her parents agreed and while it was hard leaving her siblings she knew this was a good opportunity.

Favourite Sayings

"I bet ya"

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Image of Courtney Hellford
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