Show Time

As the night began the announcer told the crowd about the night. “Welcome to a Night Under The Covers.” he began, “A showcase of each band stills to change the genre of three romantic songs. You were handed a card with your ticket stub to vote, drop your vote in the box as you exit.” he explained. After announcing the first several bands, Dante’s group had yet to come up. Most of the bands were just okay, most just changing anything from pop to pop punk or country. As the night grew to a close Dante’s band had yet to go on.

Jocelyn started to get worried and turned to some of the people in the group. “Do you think…” before she could finish asking her question the MC announced the final band, “All right everyone, we saved the best for last. Give it up for last year's winner “Marigold’s Polaroid Club.”

Jocelyn’s eyes went wide and her mouth dropped. “THAT’S DANTE’S BAND! I KNOW THEM! THEY’RE ON SPOTIFY!” she.

Dante walked up to the mic, almost looking like a different person. His hair was completely down, and he was lacking his usual glasses. Wearing a tanktop that showed off his lean muscles. The only other person the group would recognize would be Nix on the drums. Two other guitarists and a bassist. Dante seemed out of place without his own guitar just doing vocals.

Each group had their own light techs and as Dante walked up to the mic the lights went low, swept the crowd and back to him. He got close to the mic, “You heard who we are.” He said deeply into the mix, Nix responded with “1..2..3..4..” banging her drumsticks in time before leading into the first song.

song 1

Dante sang like a professional, throwing his whole self into it. Banging his head at the right time, perfect metal growls. The crowd loved it.

With no hesitation Dante and Marigold’s Polaroid Club burst into the next song

song 2

The way the band handled the stage, and the crowd made it clear why they won last year.

“Okay folks for our last one we’re gonna slow it down a bit. If you have someone special with you here tonight this is for you.”

song 3

The light tech went all out with this one, sweeping lights during the emotional parts. As the song finished the stage went black. Dante and his band made it off stage with a roar of cheers from the crowd. Once off stage Dante poured a whole bottle of cold water on his head, and chugged half of another in one breath.

The bass player came up and slapped Dante on the back. “Good work kid, you’ll make it yet.”

Jocelyn to the other’s eyes like sparkling dinner plates to see their reactions.

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