At The Club

JP with mdman, Redsword, Jaxx and Cindy

The pool tables were full of some sharks and others who never picked up a cue in their life but most were somewhere in between.

The dance floor was just starting to get filled with people. The DJ played dance mixes of a decent variety of music.

At one table sat the group, talking, laughing, basically enjoying each other's company. Sometimes a song one or two couldn't resist played which prompted a few to go dance.

Of course, Timber was disappointed that he wasn’t there with Mel. Yet, he decided to enjoy himself, just as he did the battle.

He envied Jack because he had two beautiful girls falling all over him. Yet, Jack seemed miserable, so Timber decided to temporarily come to Jack’s aid.

Walking up to the group, Timber turned to Roxy. “Thanks again for the ticket to the battle,” he sincerely said, offering a hand. “How about a dance as a gesture of my gratefulness?”

Roxy looked at Timber and smiled as she replied, "Awww that's so sweet, but I'm good." Jack sighed as Roxy tugged his arm into her soft chest as if she was marking her territory. Ashly giggled as she replied, "I think Timber might have a thing for you Rox?" Roxy replied, "Oh sorry Timber, but I am spoken for. I know our little Jacky can be such a grumpypuss, but he is still our sweety right Ash?" Ashely pulled Jack's other arm into her chest as if also marking her territory before she replied, "I think he's cute when he is grumpy." Roxy then looked back at Timber as she asked, "I thought you had a thing for Mel?" Jack looked like a disgruntled pet cat as he took their abusive affection and just sighed.

Timber shrugged as Roxy declined his invitation. “No harm, Jack. I was just trying to express gratitude for the ticket. You didn’t have to do that.”

Timber looked over at Mel before taking a seat across from Jack. He grinned. “I admit, she is a nice girl. Hopefully, she’s not serious with Jason. If she is, I won’t cause any heartaches. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone.”

Ashely then asked, "Awww you are a sweet guy Timber, but you may be right that Mel and Jason do look close. So are there any other girls you like besides Mel?" Roxy then asked, "Oh good question. Do tell Timber." Jack began looking around the area to see if there was anything else he could use to ignore this conversation.

Courtney overheard the conversation and leaned in to Timber, "Well, you know Jason and Mel are just friends. I wouldn't start reading too much into things. Also, many of us will dance with people we're not dating as friends. It's not that serious." Courtney shrugged, not really understanding the big deal over one dance. Heck she was completely committed to Matt but would dance with another and Matt didn't care - worked both ways.

Jack was distracted by the lights and music and before he realized it he was led to the dance floor by Ashley and Roxy. They wasted no time charming him with their dance moves. Jack was already feeling the beat to the music and caved in as he danced to the fast beat music filling his ears. Of course this only increased the number of eyes on them. Some guys seemed jealous of Jack being with two young women while others looked at him with disgust as if he was showing off. Either way Jack was used to the harsh looks of others as he still had his grumpy look on his face. As he let the beat influence him even more he began to reveal that he was a very good dancer as he performed advanced footwork with great balance. Ashely and Roxy got excited and focused on Jack's moves as they resembled two female lions hunting their prey.

Rose and JD and Kaylee and Conner arrived coincidentally at around the same time. It wasn’t three minutes after they had found the table when the song apparently became something Kaylee wanted to dance to. "I love this song." She kissed Conner, "Dance with me?”

She did not have to ask Conner; he jumped to his feet and swept her up in his arms with little effort. "Yes, my princess" kissing her back and walking out onto the dance floor. with Kaylee in his arms and then put her down to dance with Kaylee.

Some gave the two a look some that it was funny some did not as Conner moved onto the dance floor people had to move out of Conner's way. Conner did not force them but nobody wanted to find out.

JD shook his head at the sight of Conner and Kaylee. "I hope you are not jealous of that Rose. I don't know if I could pull that off like Conner," remarked JD looking at Rose now and leaning over to kiss her.

Rose laughed slightly, "Never," and returned JDs kiss. She was kind of glad JD didn't pick her up like that, she was just a little too introverted to be comfortable had it been her.

Kaylee smiled at the antics Conner pulled but didn't let him put her down without another kiss. She really didn't notice, nor did she care about the strange looks that they got.

Timber didn’t know many of the other girls. He had just arrived. He only knew Mel because she had been kind enough to give him a guided tour of the campus. They had shared their stories with each other, and that’s where the interest began. He knew she had been hurt before. Timber just didn’t want to be the cause of her being hurt again a second time.

It didn’t discourage Timber that he had been turned down by Roxy. The truth was, he had expected it. Yet, Timber was confident in who he was.

Since Courtney had mentioned Mel and Jason were just friends, it gave Timber hope that his future date with Mel would go well. He looked at Courtney, noticing her southern drawl. She said others would dance as friends, so he offered, “What about you? Would you care to dance?”

Courtney said something to Matt, who replied with a 'go on' wave of the hand, then jokingly said to Timber, "You take good care of my woman."

To which Courtney lightly punched Matt's arm, and rolled her eyes, before giving Matt a kiss on the cheek. She then turned to Timber, "Sure, let's go." Courtney stood up and went to the dance floor with Timber when he was ready.

“No worries,” Timber expressed, adding, “Thank you, Matt!”

He followed Courtney to the dance floor and began to move to the beat. Country music was more to his liking, but Timber was catching on the rhythm.

“Thanks!” he mouthed to Courtney, realizing he wouldn’t be heard over the music.

"No problem," Courtney mouthed back while keeping up with Timber on the dance floor.

Dawn, April, Zander and Riley were talking for a while then April and Dawn got up to dance. Kyle glanced over at Justin, "Do you want to dance?" The song was pretty good after all.

Justin was smiling like a schoolgirl in love. He nodded as he took Kyle by the hand and followed him to the dance floor. He replied, “I thought you would never ask.”

Timber noticed that Courtney was a good dancer. Much better than he was. He smiled as they moved to the beat. This is what high school was all about: the down time. The fun times, when you were with friends. Timber was beginning to feel a part of the group of friends. He was glad he had met this group. They were so welcoming.

Watching was not much fun. '`OK, beautiful, would you like to dance?" asked JD. He was not just going to sit this whole time and watch people have fun out on the floor. and as much as JD would like to sit at the table and kiss Rose the whole time this was not the place for that either. though going back to the Jeep did cross his mind now and then and getting away from this crowd did not seem like a bad idea. JD opted for the middle ground and asked Rose to dance.

"I'd love to," Rose smiled at JD, took his hand and went to the dance floor. It seemed as if everyone was having fun, which was a good thing.

The music wound down and a slow song began to play. Timber blushed and quickly put his head down to hide his cheeks.

“Maybe Matt should take over from here,” he suggested to Courtney.

Justin was all too happy for a nice slow dance with Kyle. He even blushed as he swayed to the beat. Meanwhile Ashley and Roxy continued their bizarre love triangle slow dance which earned poor Jack a lot of harsh glares.

"Thanks for the dance," Courtney said to Timber, then she nodded towards Matt, who got up and took over dancing with her.

At this point the couples that weren't on the dance floor started to take it over. Carter asked Blossom if she'd like to dance.

Jason and Mel however weren't dancing. Dancing to a slow song on a friendly date seemed like too much might be read into it but Jason offered to get Mel a soda, an offer which she took.

Seeing Jack dancing with Ashley and Roxy made Blossom giggle as they had a rather odd relationship. So when Carter asked her to dance she gleefully agreed with a pep in her step. She did like to dance and her training in cheer camp helped her out with some useful dance steps. Of course a slow song was much easier to do for her. As she swayed to the beat with Carter she smiled like an angel and thanked him.

Timber noticed Mel sitting alone. was a chance to spend some time with her. If he were Jason, he wouldn’t have let Mel out of his sight.

Walking to her table, Timber asked with his country accent, “Mel? Would you do me the honor?” He held out a hand to her.

Her reason for not dancing with Jason should have been the same for Timber, except Timber was new and that had certain allowances. "Sure, thanks." She took his hand, they passed Jason on the way who just nodded a go ahead. Jason certainly didn't own Mel, after all.

Timber wrapped an arm about Mel’s waist and took her hand in the other. He held her close, but not so close to make her uncomfortable. It was close enough to talk.

Smiling, he said, “I appreciate the dance. I hope you are enjoying the night.”

"I am, thanks. It's been a lot of fun." Mel responded. "How are you settling into everything?”

Carter smiled at Blossom, as they danced together. "We should go dancing more often.”

“Oh,” Timber grinned, looking around them, “I’m beginning to feel a part of the group. Y’all have welcomed me nicely. I have you to thank for it all.”

"You're welcome but this group is like that. I'm glad they've been welcoming." Not that Mel was surprised. They had dealt with her and all of her stuff, in her mind, Timber was a much easier friend. "We now have to show you some of the local spots. There's a lot to do here.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Timber joked. “More than Iowa?”

Of course, he knew there was. Iowa had its pig and corn farms, not much else.

Mel laughed, "Yup, but not nearly as much corn." The slow sing faded into something faster. "That was nice, but I really do need to sit down and have a drink."

Courtney was pulling Matt off the dance floor for the same reason. Rose said to JD, "I've loved dancing with you but I need some soda. Can we sit down for a bit?”

As the music pace picked up Ashley, Roxy and Jack picked up the pace and were dancing with a lot more energy again. It was odd to see Jack looking like he was having a good time being with the two troublesome females who controlled his life in and out of school. Then not too far away Blossom and Carter were enjoying themselves as they danced big smiles. Blossom looked so happy in that moment. Then not too far away Justin and Kyle were getting into the groove as they looked like they were the only ones in the room.

Timber grinned. “Thanks, Mel!”

He thought the slow dance went way too fast. He could have held her all night in a slow dance.

He went and got himself a drink, looking around the place at his new group of friends. He was well pleased that these were the first he met on campus. His first day on his own was a success.

In the near future, studies and wrestling. Both of these, Timber would do well, quite well.

Timber got his drink and returned to the table where he originally sat. He watched Jack and his dates. Jack seemed to be enjoying himself now. This caused Timber to chuckle as he waited. After his drink, he’d have to dance some more.

Doug snuck in through a backdoor, by bribing a security guard and saying he wanted to surprise his girlfriend. It wasn't a lie exactly, just not what anyone would be thinking he meant.

He snuck into a corner, putting the hood of his black hoodie over his head. Last thing he needed was to be recognized.

As Timber finished his soda, he began to look for someone within the group that didn’t seem to be with anybody else. If he spied someone else there alone, he could ask her to dance and not feel as though he was intruding upon someone else.

JD smiled at Rose's request for a drink and to sit. "I am good as well. Sitting sounds like a good idea. What do you want to drink? whisky, wine, beer?" joked JD with a big smile. The two made it off the dance floor and sat back at the table "I will get us a drink, be right back" said JD with a warm smile.

"Alright," Rose replied. Courtney, Rose and Mel started talking as they either waited in drinks or sipped their own. Zander and Riley were the next to come sit down, then April and Dawn.

Out on the dance floor, Carter was enjoying dancing with Blossom. Kyle was dancing and lightly flirting with Justin. Kaylee was dancing close to Conner with movies that wouldn't be allowed at school.

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