Fashionably Late

The loud roar of the crowd could be heard from afar. Sadly poor Jack was once again in the dog house since he getting an earful from both Ashley and Roxy for being late. Unfortunately he spaced on the schedule and double booked himself. He had a doctor's appointment for a certain embarrassing condition brought on by the overly affectionate Roxy and Ashley. Sadly it led to a UTI and he needed to get treated and meds from the pharmacy. Now granted the blame lay more on Roxy and Ashley but he lacked the courage to tell them this as he sat in a grouchy mood and listened to their ranting and raving on being late to the Battle of The Bands.

Eventually they arrived and the driver let them out of the car. Since the car and driver were rented for the night they didn't need to worry about parking and pick up. After heading to the concert they got to hear the music and didn't miss Dante's performance.

[i]The light tech went all out with this one, sweeping lights during the emotional parts. As the song finished the stage went black. Dante and his band made it off stage with a roar of cheers from the crowd. Once off stage Dante poured a whole bottle of cold water on his head, and chugged half of another in one breath.

The bass player came up and slapped Dante on the back. “Good work kid, you’ll make it yet.”

Jocelyn to the other’s eyes like sparkling dinner plates to see their reactions.[i/]

After a while they were looking for the others in the large crowd as Ashley was holding Jack's left arm and Roxy was holding his right arm. Poor Jack was a kept man and his future was looking grim. He wondered if he could ever escape and live alone on a remote island, but he knew he would be found eventually. Eventually they found the group moved to the club and followed them there.


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