Timber Arrives

Timber had enjoyed the battle of the bands. He would have enjoyed it more had Mel been with him, but he knew how to remain positive in the face of disappointment. His wrestling career resulted from that positivity.

He pulled his 2011 metallic green Ford Ranger into the lot of the club. Getting out, he locked up the truck, then headed inside.

The place seemed to be filling up quick now that the battle had finished. It looked like the place to be. Timber was certain the evening would be great, as all seemed to be having or looking for a great time. It was getting packed.

It took Timber a while before he spotted everyone. When he did, he grinned and headed to the tables their group was corralling.

He didn’t mind, being the new guy, driving to things alone. This would eventually change; he was sure of this. Sitting at one of the tables, Timber said, “Hey everyone! That battle was epic!”

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